Best Mattresses for Sex

Brief: Best Mattresses for Sex

  1. Introduction:
    • Significance of choosing a suitable mattress for sexual activity.
    • Impact of a quality mattress on sexual experience, comfort, and relaxation.
  2. Top 5 Mattresses for Sex:
    • Saatva Classic Mattress: Ideal for various sleep positions; spine alignment; breathable; chiropractor recommended.
    • Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress: Best for hot sleepers; cooling effect; supportive for various positions.
    • Casper Original Mattress: Good for side sleepers; offers pressure relief; uses three foam layers for comfort and support.
    • DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress: Offers value; combines gel memory foam and coils; quilted foam top for cooling and comfort.
    • Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress: Provides pressure relief; combines coils and foam; infused with copper for hygiene and temperature regulation.
  3. Considerations for Choosing a Mattress for Sex:
    • Durability: Longevity of the mattress.
    • Trial Period: Opportunity to test the mattress.
    • Firmness Level: Balancing comfort and support.
    • Edge Support: Stability around the edges of the mattress.
    • Noise: Minimizing noise during movement.
    • Temperature Regulation: Maintaining a comfortable temperature.
  4. Types of Mattresses Suitable for Sex:
    • Memory Foam: Benefits include contouring and heat absorption; drawbacks include potential overheating.
    • Hybrid: Combines support of coils with foam; can be less durable than traditional innerspring.
    • Latex: Natural, cooling, and durable; can be expensive.
    • Innerspring: Traditional feel; can be less supportive over time.
  5. FAQs:
    • Best Mattress for Sex: Hybrid mattresses are often ideal, offering a balance of support and comfort.
    • Materials: Look for a combination of coils and foam layers.
    • Firmness: Firm mattresses are important for support during various sexual positions.
    • Benefits: Firm mattresses reduce noise and enhance comfort.
    • Choosing the Right Mattress: Consider personal preference and test mattresses during the trial period.
  6. Conclusion:
    • The right mattress can enhance sexual experiences by providing comfort, support, and minimal disturbance.
    • Consider personal needs and preferences when selecting a mattress for sex.

Sex is a natural part of life, making sense that people want to know how to make sex the best it can possibly be. It’s easy to blame your lackluster sex life on a mattress, but the truth is that the right mattress can greatly improve your sex life. When you have a bed that supports your body and prevents pain or soreness during sex, you’re more likely to feel relaxed and enjoy the experience.

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Sex

Saatva Classic Mattress
Reasons to buy
  • The Saatva Classic mattress is for those who want to keep their spine in healthy alignment no matter the body’s position during sleep.

  • The cover is breathable and hypoallergenic.

  • Chiropractor recommended.

Product details
  • Trial period: 365 nights

  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty

  • Shipping:
    Free in-room delivery & setup

  • Firmness:

  • Price range: $$$$$

  • Type: Innerspring

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Sleep specialists recommend that couples who want to have a satisfying sex life should be sleeping on a comfortable mattress. A good quality mattress can support the body, reduce pain, and help with recovery. While a bad quality mattress may not harm anyone’s sex life, a mattress that is too hard or soft may prevent some people from getting a good night’s sleep, which is essential for good sex.

Best Mattress for Sex Reviews

If you want a great mattress for sex, it’s important to find a model that offers plenty of bounce and softness without sacrificing support and cushioning. However, not all mattresses are built for this purpose; some provide too much bounce, while others just aren’t soft enough. In this guide, we’ll review the best mattresses for sex available today and help you determine which is the best choice for you.

Best Mattresses for Sex Reviews


Saatva Classic Mattress

Best Overall
Saatva Classic Mattress Review

Saatva is a luxury mattress company, but its products are priced very reasonably. This is thanks to their innovative business model. Saatva has committed to “delivering better quality and better value than other luxury brands, at a lower cost.”.

The Saatva mattress is a new luxury hybrid mattress that offers the best of both worlds: The comfort of memory foam and innerspring coils’ support.

It offers full support for your entire body, from shoulders to hips to knees.

Saatva Classic Mattress

It’s also made with CertiPur-US certified foam, which means it’s free from toxic chemicals, and the cover is made from natural materials.

From the first night you lay on a Saatva mattress, you will notice that it just feels different. It’s much more than just a mattress, it’s an experience. It is a luxury mattress with a boutique-hotel feel and a sound-bar quality music system. 

The Saatva Mattress comes with a 180-night home trial, so there is no risk. You’ll have a difficult time convincing yourself to go back to your old mattress.

What I Like:

  • The Saatva Classic mattress for those looking for support and pressure relief at an affordable price.
  • Its top-selling points were its plush layer of comfort, which was covered in breathable plant fibers.
  • And its three layers of support, including the support system, which provides edge-to-edge support, so you can sleep soundly and comfortably no matter the position.


Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

Best for Hot Sleepers
Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Review

The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress has everything you could want in a mattress! It is the perfect medium-soft mattress, providing a cooling effect to make you sleep even more comfortably than before while still providing a good amount of support. 

The mattress breathes well, not trapping your body heat while you sleep so you can sleep cool. This model’s firmness level makes it great for back sleepers and many other sleep positions.

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

This Helix Midnight Luxe mattress contains two different layers of individually wrapped coils, which work together to provide both firm support and a feeling of floating on a cloud. 

The top layer of coils is a mix of both individually wrapped coils and pocket coils to provide the ultimate support while still allowing a breathable, cooling layer to keep you from overheating. 

What I Like:

  • Helix Midnight Luxe mattress helps couples sleep better by eliminating pressure points.
  • The mattress is designed to work with your body to alleviate common aches and pains. It encourages uninterrupted sleep due to its individually zoned coils, premium quilted pillow top, and ultra-breathable Tencel cover.


Casper Original Mattress

Best for Side Sleepers
Casper Original Mattress Review

The Casper Original mattress is a great mattress for all sleeping styles. This mattress offers pressure relief for all sleepers, which reduces the pain of getting up in the morning and helps you begin your day positively.

It caught my eye because of its unique design, interesting claims, and growing popularity.

The mattress uses three layers of foam, which are designed to provide comfort, support, and cooling. The mattress’s surface is soft, but below the surface, a firm support layer provides stability.

Casper Original Mattress

The 3 layers of foam also ensure support for your back, and the perforations in the top layer ensure good air circulation. 

Casper’s mattresses are also to be tried out at home before deciding to buy one. The company offers free 100-day returns, during which customers can return the mattress if they are not completely satisfied with its performance.

What I Like:

  • The Casper mattress has a unique top layer designed to let your body breathe in a cool way while keeping your body at a comfortable temperature.
  • It is made with very high-quality memory foam, and it is designed to provide optimal comfort and support.


DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Best Value
DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review

No matter what type of sleeper you are, you will fall in love with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress. 

The new DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is made from premium materials, offering the perfect blend of temperature control and comfortability. 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

It is a great combination of both gel memory foam and individual wrapped coil support, offering you the best of both worlds. In addition to these amazing features, the mattress offers you a quilted foam top that offers the perfect mix between comfort and cooling, so you never get too hot or too cold. Finally, the mattress also features a cashmere cover that helps you sleep cool and soft.

What I Like:

  • With quilted foam and cashmere that feels soft against your skin and gel memory foam that contours to your body, this mattress will keep you cool and cozy when you sleep. Working jointly, the gel memory foam helps relieve pressure points, and the cashmere feels like a soft blanket.
  • The pocket spring layer gives your body an extra bounce as you move around in bed.


Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress

Best Pressure Relief
Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress Review

When looking for a new mattress, you want to know that you are getting a high-quality product for your hard-earned money. You can rest assured that the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress does deliver on quality and value. 

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress offers a 2-in-1 luxury mattress that is perfect for all sleepers. It features an innovative design that combines coils and foam to provide both mattresses’ best features in one product.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress

The top layer is infused with copper, an amazing natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory that will help keep your mattress fresh and clean.

This layer is topped with high-density comfort foam that adds additional support and comfort to the mattress.

This mattress sleeps cool, provides good pressure relief, and is very comfortable.

What I Like:

  • The main selling point about the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress is its unique construction consisting of 3 layers of foam and a coils layer. Each layer has a different function, and their combination results in a great performance.
  • It includes a layer is made out of CopperFlex™ foam. Copper is considered a natural anti-bacterial element, and it’s designed to allow the body to sleep at an ideal temperature of 88 degrees. What this means is that you will not be overheated or overcooled during the night.

What To Look for When Buying The Best Mattress for Sex?

The search for the perfect mattress for sex can be a difficult one. You have to consider comfort, support, and noise isolation. And that’s just scratching the surface. Conventional wisdom will tell you to think of what type of mattress you want in general, and then just look for one that is the best for sex out of those.

Mattress for Sex Buying Guide

There are lots of mattresses out there, but which one is the best mattress for sex? Well, that depends. If you were hoping for a straightforward answer, I apologize ahead of time. Just because a mattress is the best mattress for sex, doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best mattress for you.

There are a few things to consider when you’re trying to find the best mattress for sex.


Durability is a term that is often thrown around when discussing mattresses. How long a mattress will last is often a major factor in the purchasing decision. What many people don’t realize is just how a mattress wears and what exactly constitutes durability. While it’s true that a mattress will eventually wear out, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Mattress for Sex Durability

Most people aren’t likely to have the same mattress for more than a decade, so it makes sense to spend as much as you can to ensure that you’ll have a mattress that lasts for a long time.

Trial Period

A trial period for a mattress is the best way to figure out if you really like it or not. This trial period is usually for about 90 days, and it gives you the freedom to return the mattress if you don’t like it. To get the best mattress for your money, you should take advantage of the trial period.

Firmness Level

The firmness level of a mattress is a critical factor that can make or break how well you sleep, and how well you are able to engage in sex on that mattress. 

Mattress for Sex Firmness Level

While it may be obvious that a firmer mattress is better suited for sex, there are plenty of other things to consider. In the end, it is up to you to make the best decision to match your needs.

Edge Support

Mattresses play a very important role in sex lives. Mattresses provide us with not only a comfortable environment to have sex, but they also help increase sexual desire and improve sexual performance. In fact, research has shown that when people sleep on mattresses with great edge support, they are more confident in their sexual abilities.

The demand for mattresses with edge support is growing, especially for those who have problems with their backs and need to sleep on their sides.


A lot of sex therapists will tell you that the most important part of a mattress isn’t its firmness or the number of coils, but the noise level. For many people, the idea of their partner hearing them during sex or their partner’s partner hearing them during sex can be a make-or-break deal for a mattress. If you or your partner is on the louder side, it might be worth it to get a thick mattress to muffle the sound.

Temperature Regulation

You might have heard that having sex on a cold surface makes it better, while others have said it is the opposite. If you are a couple that likes having sex on a mattress, you might be wondering if it makes sense to have a really cold or a really hot mattress. 

A mattress that’s heated and cooling and offers built-in sex positions is the key to a comfortable, pleasurable experience. 

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Sex?

What kind of mattress is best for sex? If that’s what you’re wondering, you’re not alone. When it comes to picking the right mattress for your bedroom, there are a lot of things to consider: Do you want something firm or soft? Memory foam, latex, or hybrid

Type of Mattress is Best for Sex

Each of these has advantages and disadvantages in terms of comfort, longevity, motion isolation, and sex.

Couples often get so caught up in other mattress features they forget to consider the bed’s impact on their love life. But you should definitely consider it because what’s good for sex may not be good for sleep.

Memory Foam


  • Some people love their memory foam mattresses. Others consider it the worst invention of all time. While opinions vary, what memory foam advocates and haters both agree on is that memory foam mattresses are great for sex. Their “squishy” nature makes jumping around on them a lot easier, and their supportiveness helps prevent back neck, and shoulder injuries.


  • But memory foam has some disadvantages. For example, it is a very hot material. Sleeping with a memory foam mattress is like lying on a warm rock. The second disadvantage is that memory foam is a soft material. It will not support your body like a hard mattress. You may feel like sinking into it.



  • The advantage of the hybrid mattress is in the fact that the two types of filling complement each other. The innerspring in the edges of the mattress provides support for the body, and the latex layer in the center of the mattress provides a pleasant feeling of softness.
  • Hybrid mattresses are an upgrade from traditional models, offering better support and durability.


  • An additional layer of memory foam can improve the comfort of a mattress and reduce motion transfer, but an all-foam hybrid mattress may not last as long as a conventional innerspring mattress. Foam can quickly break down and lose comfort and support when not protected by a spring system.



  • Many people buy latex mattresses to keep their bedroom cozy and their sheets clean, but latex is also a popular material for sex enthusiasts looking to add some excitement to their sex life.
  • It is made of natural latex material, which is extracted from a rubber tree. Latex material is soft but firm. Some people feel it is better than memory foam.
  • Also, the latex mattress is naturally cooling, which is really an advantage when you’re using it for sex.
  • They are perfect for those who want to add a little kink to the bedroom but don’t want to feel like they’re sleeping on a trampoline.


  • A latex mattress is usually more expensive than your average mattress. However, you can get a high-quality mattress if you are willing to spend a little extra. They have a good life span and can last for decades if they are cared for properly. A latex mattress is softer than a spring mattress, but not as soft as a memory foam mattress.


What is the best mattress for sex?

The best mattress for sex is a hybrid that offers a combination of coils and foam, as the foam layers provide cushioning while the coils provide support.

What materials should I look for in a mattress for sex?

The ideal mattress for sex will contain coils and foam layers, such as latex or memory foam, as this provides the ideal combination of cushioning and support needed for sex.

Why is a firm mattress important for sex?

A firm mattress is important for sex as it provides the necessary support for different sexual positions without sinking or sagging.

Are there any specific mattresses designed for sex?

There are some mattresses specifically designed for sex, such as those with body contouring technology. This help provides additional support and comfort for different sexual positions.

Are there any other benefits to a firm mattress for sex?

A firm mattress is also beneficial for sex as it helps to reduce the amount of noise created and also helps to reduce the risk of disruption or distraction.

How do I know if a mattress is the right choice for sex?

You can determine if a mattress is right for sex by testing the mattress in-store or testing it for a certain amount of time before deciding to purchase.

Is a firm mattress good for couples who are looking for more pressure during sex?

Yes, a firm mattress is ideal for couples looking for more pressure during sex as it provides the necessary support for different positions and can also help to reduce noise.

Is a firm mattress good for couples who are looking for more comfort during sex?

Yes, a firm mattress can be a good choice for couples looking for more comfort during sex, as it can provide cushioning and support while also reducing noise.

Is there a specific mattress that is best for sex?

There isn’t a single mattress that is best for sex, as personal preference and the situation will determine which mattress is best for each individual.

Is a firm mattress suitable for all types of sex?

Yes, a firm mattress is suitable for all types of sex, from solo play to partnered sex and more.

Are there any drawbacks to using a firm mattress for sex?

There are some drawbacks to using a firm mattress for sex, such as causing increased noise from movement and also making it more difficult to move around.

Should I use a firm mattress topper for sex?

It is not necessary to use a firm mattress topper for sex, although some people may find the extra cushioning and support to be beneficial.

Does a firm mattress provide enough cushioning for sex?

Yes, a firm mattress can provide enough cushioning for sex, depending on the type of mattress and mattress topper used.

Is a firm mattress good for people who are heavier or have problems with mobility?

Yes, a firm mattress can be a good choice for people who are heavier or have issues with mobility as it can provide the necessary support and cushioning.

Are there any mattresses that are specifically designed for sex?

Yes, there are some mattresses specifically designed for sex, such as those with body contouring technology. These mattresses can provide additional comfort and support while also reducing noise.

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