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Best Mattresses for Restless Partner

If you have a partner who moves around a lot in bed, you know the pain of trying to get some sleep. It's not uncommon for people to toss and turn throughout ...

Best Mattresses For Athletes

Athletes need different mattresses than the typical person looking for a new bed. If you're an athlete looking for a new mattress, you want something that ...

Best Mattresses For Teenagers

Mattresses for teenagers are usually hard to find. Thankfully, most online retailers carry a wide selection of beds specially designed for teens and their ...

Best Mattresses For Seniors

A mattress for seniors is a bed designed for people aged 65 and older. These beds are usually larger and thicker than a standard bed. A mattress for seniors ...

Best Mattresses For 300 Lb Person

Have lots of pain sleeping at night? You are not alone. About 1 in 3 adults in the United States suffer from some type of sleep disorder, and one common cause ...

Best Mattresses For Lightweight Person

The mattress is an important part of our lives, and it can be a significant investment that we make. Many people overlook this fact since mattresses are not ...

Best Mattresses For 400 Lb Person

Every year more than 26% of Americans are considered overweight. Obesity has been linked to an increase in various health problems and complications. And ...

Best Mattresses For College Students

Starting college is one of the most exciting times of your life, but the onset of new responsibilities can make it challenging to get a good night’s sleep. ...

Best Mattresses For Neck Pain

No one likes to talk about it, but one in three people will experience neck pain at some point in their lives, and the majority of those people will also have ...

King Koil Mattress Review

In the modern world, sleeping is becoming more and more critical to our daily lives. The stress and responsibilities of life are ever-increasing, and people ...

Best Mattresses For Arthritis

A bad mattress can not only make you toss and turn at night, but it can also lead to aches and pains and even serious medical conditions like arthritis. This ...

Best Mattresses For Sciatica

The science behind a good night's sleep is incredibly complex. The mattress industry needs to approach it from a variety of angles. For example, some people ...

Best Mattresses For Scoliosis

Are you looking for a new mattress? People living with scoliosis are often looking for a new bed because they need a product that will support their spine, ...

Best Mattresses For Pressure Points

There are a lot of different mattresses out there, from foam to hybrid to innerspring to air and even water. While these other mattresses all aim to provide ...

Best Mattresses For Shoulder Pain

Mattresses are often considered to be a luxury. However, this is not the case. Yes, they are used for comfort and relaxation, but their health benefits should ...

Best Mattresses For Lumbar Pain

A mattress for lumbar pain is a product that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, as many people suffer from back pain caused by sleeping on a ...

Best Cheap Mattresses

There is nothing more important to a good night than a good night's sleep. If you have a healthy mattress, that's great, but you are probably shopping around ...

Best Mattresses Under $1000

The mattress is the most important part of any bed, and yet it is the most ignored. If you don’t have a good mattress, then the most comfortable bed frame in ...

Best Mattresses For Guest Room

A guest bedroom is a perfect place for visitors to spend the night. And the sleeper sofas they might use are great for sitting on. Yet, they are not designed ...

Restonic Mattresses

Today I would like to introduce you to the Restonic brand of mattresses. These mattresses are a very popular brand of mattresses and are made in the U.S.A. ...

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  1. Hey, Charlie!

    With that kind of difference in weight, I’d recommend Saatva HD which is literally the best mattress for bigger people.

    But it’s in the higher price range and maybe you’d want a more affordable option. Which would be the one I recommended to Nicole. It’s the Titan Luxe Hybrid mattress. It’s designed to give additional support for heavy people while also providing a comfortable sleep experience for your lighter significant other. Absolutely worth its money!

  2. Hi, Nicole!

    If price is not an issue for you, I’d recommend taking a look at Saatva HD. It’s specifically designed for bigger people (up to 500 pounds per side for each person). There are 6 layers of comfort and support. It’s designed in such a way that would allow for comfortable rest for both people, regardless of the weight differences.

    If it’s too expensive, which is totally understandable, check out the Titan Luxe Hybrid mattress. It’s meant for couples exactly like yours where one person weighs significantly more than the other, and the other person is lighter (up to 250 pounds). There’s also a Titan Firm mattress if you think you may need a firmer sleep experience. But based on your weight difference, I think Titan Luxe Hybrid would be a better option.

    In regards to snoring, it’s more of a pillow problem rather than a mattress one. And it depends a lot on your sleeping position. I’m going to cover this topic more in the upcoming articles. Let’s keep in touch!
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