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10 Best Mattresses for Any Need

Mattress shopping is a difficult process with many mattresses, brands, and stores out there. Buying a mattress can be a costly and risky process. That is why ...

Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use

So you're looking for the best air mattress for everyday use? You're not alone. Most of us don't need to buy an air mattress for everyday use, but we find ...

Best 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

A 10-inch memory foam mattress is for those looking for a comfortable bed with plenty of resiliency. Memory foam mattresses are made from visco-elastic ...

Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Bed bugs are nothing to play around with. They are a type of pest that can bite and cause an infestation, which is why it is essential to use the best bed bug ...

Best Floor Mattress

Whether you are at a sleepover party, want a personal bed for indoor or outdoor use, or just looking for a temporary surface that will be more comfortable ...

Best Organic Baby Mattress

A baby's mattress is not just a place to put the baby when they sleep. It also provides comfort for the parents. Due to this, it is very important that you ...

Best Air Mattress For Toddlers

The best air mattress for toddlers is one that will provide a comfortable and safe sleeping surface. Toddlers have such a hard time regulating their body ...

Best Mattress Under $700

Purchasing a mattress is one of the most important and costly purchases you will ever make. A good night's sleep is necessary to maintain your health and ...

Best Mattress Under $600

When it comes to sleep, there is no such thing as a cheap option. From pillows to mattresses, to sheets and bedding, buying all these goods will cost you a ...

Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Cover

In the world of parenting, there are plenty of products designed to make our lives easier. A water-proof mattress cover is one of them. This article will take ...

Best Breathable Crib Mattress

There are many factors that go into finding the best breathable crib mattress. You want one that is free of harmful chemicals, has hypoallergenic properties ...

Best Mattress Under $800

The mattress is one of the essential parts of your bed. It's the thing that separates the good nights from the bad ones and separates those who wake up ...

Best Mattress For Hot Flashes

If you've ever had to contend with the disconcerting, erratic flashes of heat that come hand-in-hand with menopause, you know that they're not just ...

Best Mattress For Snoring

Snoring is not only a big nuisance for your partner, but it also prevents you from getting the best sleep ever. A good night's sleep isn't just good for your ...

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position for pregnant women, as well as many others. But what's the best mattress for side sleepers? There are ...

Best Mattress Under $400

Comfort is one of the major factors that should be considered before purchasing a new mattress. It is important to be able to sleep comfortably throughout the ...

Best Mattress Under $200

We all know a decent mattress is a crucial ingredient in a good night's sleep. That's why you should take the time to do some research before going out and ...

Best Mattress Under $1500

A mattress can be a very costly investment, with most costing over $1000. But with so many options and prices to choose from, it can be difficult to decide ...

Best Mattress Under $2000

Today we are going to be talking about the best mattress under $2000. If you have been thinking about buying a new bed with all the top brands and models, ...

Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

Back sleepers who want to buy a new mattress will find the selection process quite overwhelming. The options are pretty similar, but each offers specific ...

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  1. Hey, Charlie!

    With that kind of difference in weight, I’d recommend Saatva HD which is literally the best mattress for bigger people.

    But it’s in the higher price range and maybe you’d want a more affordable option. Which would be the one I recommended to Nicole. It’s the Titan Luxe Hybrid mattress. It’s designed to give additional support for heavy people while also providing a comfortable sleep experience for your lighter significant other. Absolutely worth its money!

  2. Hi, Nicole!

    If price is not an issue for you, I’d recommend taking a look at Saatva HD. It’s specifically designed for bigger people (up to 500 pounds per side for each person). There are 6 layers of comfort and support. It’s designed in such a way that would allow for comfortable rest for both people, regardless of the weight differences.

    If it’s too expensive, which is totally understandable, check out the Titan Luxe Hybrid mattress. It’s meant for couples exactly like yours where one person weighs significantly more than the other, and the other person is lighter (up to 250 pounds). There’s also a Titan Firm mattress if you think you may need a firmer sleep experience. But based on your weight difference, I think Titan Luxe Hybrid would be a better option.

    In regards to snoring, it’s more of a pillow problem rather than a mattress one. And it depends a lot on your sleeping position. I’m going to cover this topic more in the upcoming articles. Let’s keep in touch!
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