Best Mattresses For Couples Who Love to Cuddle

Best Mattresses For Couples Reviews

A good mattress is often the essential element of a good night’s sleep. While mattresses have been designed to maximize individual comfort, many of today’s most popular mattresses are now made with couples in mind. This means that a single mattress can be suitable for partners of different shapes and sizes, provided that one is not significantly larger than the other. 

Top 5 Best Mattresses For Couples

WinkBeds GravityLux Mattress
Reasons to buy
  • Ideal for a sleeper who is looking for a balance between bounce, motion isolation and pressure relief.

  • Mattress designed with AirCell™ Memory Foam to dynamically reduce pressure and provide superior support.

  • It is handmade to order with high-quality, innovative, eco-friendly, American-sourced materials.

Product details
  • Trial period: 120-night risk-free trial

  • Warranty: Forever warranty

  • Shipping:
    Free shipping and returns

  • Firmness:
    Three firmness option

  • Price range: $$$$$

  • Type: Foam

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An excellent way to determine the right fit for your needs is to take careful measurements of your profile and compare them to different mattress models’ dimensions.

Mattresses are not always made for couples, but many people who sleep in a couple want to have the same mattress.

The advantages of having a mattress for couples:

  • Sleep quality improvement.
  • If one of the two partners in the couple has back problems, then the mattress will also help to alleviate them.

The disadvantages of having a mattress for couples:

  • When you sleep with a partner and cuddle, you will inevitably start to “overheat,” and there is no way to cool down.
  • The mattress may be too soft for one of the partners while too hard for the other.
Best Mattresses For Couples Reviews

If you are a couple who loves to cuddle, and you’re having trouble finding a mattress you both like, this review is for you. A mattress that is comfortable for one person can be uncomfortable for another. So, instead of buying a mattress and finding out that it’s the wrong choice, you and your partner can choose one together. Our review offers tips on how to choose the right mattress based on your needs, your partner’s needs, and your sleep position preference.

Best Mattresses For Couples Reviews


WinkBeds GravityLux

Best Overall
WinkBeds GravityLux review

The WinkBeds GravityLux is the ultimate solution for eliminating pressure points and reducing motion transfer. As a hybrid mattress, the WinkBeds GravityLux features have several advantages. This well-constructed memory foam mattress features a patented aircell™ memory foam that is gel-infused for superior comfort. This mattress is a perfect blend of comfort and support for the best sleep of your life.

WinkBeds GravityLux

The WinkBeds GravityLux features a Tencel® cover with gel-infused foam that helps regulate temperature while you sleep. As you sleep, your body temperature naturally rises as you sink deeper into the mattress. The cool gel-infused foam protects the body from extreme temperature changes and allows you to stay cool.

What I Like:

  • GravityLux is a medium-firm mattress designed to provide targeted pressure relief for individuals who sleep on their backs.
  • WinkBeds uses the Aircell™ memory foam that is manufactured in the U.S.A. and uses the most modern technology available. This technology was created to ensure the best and comfiest nights’ sleep you’ll ever get.


Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress

Best Adjustable Air Mattress
Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress review

Saatva is a relatively new company that has decided to fly solo in the mattress arena, choosing to go all-in with their Solaire mattress, which offers adjustable comfort and support. The Solaire mattress is made from multiple layers of foam but is mostly made from memory foam.

The top layer helps to give you the best cooling action of any mattress we’ve tested. 

The middle layers are memory foam. These layers are the most important as they provide support.

Saatva Solaire Adjustable Mattress

Adjusting a Saatva Solaire mattress has never been easier. And they’ve managed to do that with the Solaire Adjustable, which is designed to be more adjustable. Through a simple remote control, you can adjust your bed’s firmness from the word “go.” Plus, the control has a simple interface that allows you to move through the options with ease.

What I Like:

  • The Saatva Mattress is constructed with a top-notch coil system, which provides great support. 
  • The unit is also made with a 5-zone Talalay latex that offers a great degree of comfort.
  • It is a mattress that incorporates Saatva’s signature construction with a special feature allowing you to customize it to fit your sleep style and body type.


 Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress

Best Pressure Relief
Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress review

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress is a revolutionary combination of copper and memory foam that provides the utmost comfort and support, allowing you to get a high-quality night’s sleep. Copper is an ideal material for beds and other furniture because it helps dissipate heat from the body.

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress is a great mattress for those who love a plush feel and a higher price point typical of luxury hybrid mattresses.

If you’re a light sleeper who shares a bed with a restless partner, it’s hard to find a mattress that can provide both a luxurious night’s sleep in a cool, breathable, and comfortable design. 

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress firmness

The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress is an excellent option for those who want a medium-firm mattress that provides pressure point relief without noise, motion transfer, and others heat issues.

With some folks preferring to sleep on a bit more softness, and others prefer a bit more firmness, the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress is the solution that meets everyone’s needs.

What I Like:

  • The top layer is a patented CopperFlex™ foam infused with copper, which is supposed to dissipate heat from the body. 
  • The middle layer, the TitanCool™ comfort layer, is the most interesting feature of this mattress. It features a top surface infused with TitanCool™ gel that is supposed to keep your body temperature at an ideal 88 degrees for sleep.
  • The coils are individually encased; this mattress is great for those that like to move around at night.
  • The Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Luxury Mattress has a firmness rating of about 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This makes it one of the more on, the firmer side for hybrid innerspring models.


Helix Midnight Luxe

Best Cooling
Helix Midnight Luxe review

The Helix Midnight Luxe is the top-of-the-line bed. The mattress offers a combination of luxury memory foam and a Tencel Airflow Technology cover to provide the ultimate pressure point relief and superior airflow for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

It has a CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification. These tags mean that the mattress is made with no harmful chemicals and has been independently tested by the certification organization for durability, wear, and performance.

Helix Midnight Luxe

The mattress has 1,000+ wrapped coils that provide great edge support and make it easy to move around the bed. This mattress will be great for people who sleep on their stomachs, back, or sides.

What I Like:

  • The Helix Midnight Luxe is a bed designed for a side sleeper, and it does a great job of preventing any pressure points or hot spots from forming. 
  • The zoned lumbar support coils do a great job supporting my lower back, while the premium quilted pillow top feels smooth and comfortable.
  • The Midnight Luxe has a “feel at home” guarantee, no motion transfer, and edge support for when you need it.


GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress

Best for All Sleeper Types
GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress review

If you’re looking for a memory foam mattress that’s not your usual, run-of-the-mill memory foam mattress, the GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress is for you. 

It is made with a quilted and cooling fabric cover, cooling fiber, gel memory foam, 1″ of gel memory foam, ghost bounce layer, individually wrapped and reinforced coils, and a high-density support layer. The cooling fiber absorbs heat and dissipates it to keep the sleeper cool. The quilted cover, meanwhile, is supposed to feel softer and smoother than other mattress covers.

GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress

The Flex Hybrid Mattress offers a memory foam feel but with the support of coils. These coils provide great contouring and pressure-relieving support, and they do this without causing any of the hot and uncomfortable feelings of a traditional memory foam mattress.

Many people wonder how to find a comfy mattress or find a mattress that fits their unique sleeping position. The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress has been designed to fit a wide range of sleeping styles.

What I Like:

  • The mattress offers the ideal amount of comfort and support for ultimate relaxation.
  • The GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress features a unique construction that combines memory foam and pocketed coils to accommodate your body shape and help provide deep, restful sleep.

How to Choose The Ideal Couple Mattress?

There are many options available for couples with different preferences and sleeping habits. While every couple is different, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a mattress. It is essential to choose a mattress that is supportive enough for you and your partner. A mattress that is too firm can put pressure on a couple’s shoulders, hips, and knees, which can make one or both of you toss and turn through the night. You also need to choose a mattress that is the correct size and shape for you.

Mattresses For Couples Buying Guide


There is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep. A size mattress for a couple can be a big decision. In all honesty, the best size mattress for a couple is one that suits your individual size and weight. There are several things to consider when purchasing a new size mattress for a couple.

A super king-size mattress or a king-size mattress is best for one person. If you are a couple, you will still want to have plenty of room to move around and stretch out.

Motion Isolation

“Motion isolation” is just another term for “sleep partner disturbance reduction.” A mattress can minimize the amount of movement one partner feels when the other rolls over or gets up during the night. In general, the thicker and firmer a mattress is, the better it is at isolating motion. The idea is that if you’re sleeping on a thick, firm mattress, you won’t feel your partner getting up because there’s plenty of padding to cushion the movement and keep it from transferring to you.

Edge Support

Mattresses are usually made from a combination of various materials. Although it is easy to find a mattress that will suit a single sleeper, many couples find that they need different mattresses to suit their sleeping needs. Edge support mattresses are designed for couples and provide the best support for a couple at the edge of the bed.

Firmness Level

The firmness level is the characteristic of the softness or firmness of a mattress. A firm mattress will give a solid base ideal for people looking to keep their spine and body in a neutral position. It is also suitable for people who need to reduce their pressure points and alleviate pain and pressure points. 

A mattress with a medium firmness level will give you good support and relieve pressure on your body, but it will be on the softer side. On the other hand, a mattress with a low firmness level will produce a bit more sinkage and hug the body, ideal for people who suffer from pressure points and pain. 

Men and women tend to require different mattress firmness levels and have different ideas about what makes a mattress comfortable.

While men tend to prefer a firmer mattress due to the support it provides, women are usually more likely to enjoy a mattress with a medium firmness level to it, which provides a bit more cushioning for their bodies.

If you are looking for a mattress to sleep on with your partner, you need to find a mattress that is just right for you and your partner.

Sleeping Position

If you and your partner share a bed, you may have noticed that it can be harder to get a good night’s rest when you sleep together. As much as you may love each other, your body types and comfort levels in bed may not always be compatible. The solution? Figure out the best sleep position for couples based on each person’s size and sleep habits.

We are talking about sleeping positions such as the side, the back, the stomach, and the fetal position. If we had to choose the most common sleeping position for couples, it would be the fetal position.

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Couples?

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, and while most manufacturers try and convince you that you need one that suits your specific sleeping preferences, as a couple, you only need to find a mattress that is good for both of you. In general, most mattresses are labeled as firm, medium-firm, or plush.

Type of Mattress for Couples

Firm mattresses offer the most support, while plush has the most comfort with the softest touch. If you and your spouse are different weights, a firm mattress may be best for the heavier person, while a plush mattress may appeal to a lighter spouse.


Foam mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, are popular options for couples because they can offer the right level of giving and form to accommodate two people who have different body types, sleep positions, and preferences. Memory foam mattresses can be made in various thicknesses, including extra thick options for those with back pain or looking for a firmer sleep surface.


If you’re looking for a new mattress, you may have heard that innerspring mattresses are the best kind for couples. 

Innerspring mattresses use springs that are encased in fabric or foam. The springs transfer the body’s weight onto the mattress and distribute the weight evenly across the surface of the mattress. 

Innerspring mattresses are ideal for couples because they tend to distribute the weight of both partners evenly. This is especially helpful if one partner is significantly heavier than the other, as the springs will help to offset the weight difference, helping to keep the lighter partner comfortable.


Latex mattresses are well known for being good for those with allergies. They are strong, durable, and easy to clean, and they don’t off-gas, so they are good for those with pet allergies or breathing issues. However, a latex mattress’s greatest strength is its support. The combination of latex and foam is ideal for sleepers who move around a lot or change positions frequently during the night. This natural material has a natural bounce and helps to provide better motion absorption.


Since the dawn of time, man has been trying to find a better mattress for couples. The quest is real, and several mattress companies claim to have found the answer with hybrid mattresses. So what is a hybrid mattress anyway, and why should you care? A hybrid mattress is a mixture of springs and foam; this is great for couples because it provides the support and firmness of a spring mattress with the comfort and pressure relief of a foam mattress. This means you and your partner will get the best of both worlds and wake up refreshed after a great night’s sleep.


What type of mattress is best for couples?

The perfect mattress for couples supports both people comfortably. If you suffer from back pain, the mattress should not cause additional pain. If your sleep partner snores, the mattress should not be a contributing factor. It is important to consider the type of mattress that will work best for both of you.

Is sleeping on 2 mattresses bad?

If you are married, or have been in a long-term relationship, you’ve probably heard the advice that you should each have your own mattress when you sleep. The reasoning behind this is that couples will be more likely to stay together if they each sleep on their own mattresses, and you won’t be stuck in a bed you hate. While this makes sense in theory, it’s not necessarily the best option for everyone.
But there are some downsides to sleeping on a twin bed, as well. You can’t always have sex in multiple positions.

What size bed do most couples have?

Most people will recommend getting a king-size bed if you have a lot of space for it. The king-size is the most common mattress size that you will find in the U.S. It has enough room for two people, and you aren’t going to feel like you are stuck in the middle of the bed. You might want to consider other sizes, such as the queen size, the twin size, or the full size.

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