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Best Cheap Mattress Reviews

Brief: Best Cheap Mattresses

  1. Introduction:
    • Importance of a good night’s sleep and finding a quality mattress at an affordable price.
  2. Top 5 Best Cheap Mattresses:
    • Studio by Leesa: High-quality materials, responsive memory foam, good for back pain, ideal for all sleepers.
    • The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: Smart mattress, that adapts to body, Tencel cover, good for back support.
    • Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid: Memory foam and innerspring support, good for back and stomach sleepers.
    • Casper Element Mattress: 10-inch mattress, medium comfort, suitable for various sleeping positions.
    • The Allswell Hybrid Mattress: Combines innerspring and foam, and offers personalized sleeping experience.
  3. Choosing a Cheap Mattress:
    • Look for mattresses with good firmness, feel, motion isolation, edge support, and pressure relief.
    • Consider mattress types: memory foam, latex, polyurethane foam, hybrid.
  4. Expectations from a Budget Mattress:
    • Balance quality with price, consider firmness level, motion isolation, edge support, pressure relief, and durability.
  5. FAQs:
    • Best type for budget: Look for quality foam or latex.
    • Benefits of cheaper mattresses: More affordable, easier to move.
    • Support: Check foam density and construction.
    • Considerations: Firmness, type, special features.
    • Lifespan: Up to 10 years with proper care.
    • Suitability for back pain: Depends on severity; medium-firm may be suitable.
    • Care: Regular vacuuming, rotation, and use of mattress protector.
  6. Conclusion:
    • A guide for finding quality mattresses at lower prices, considering various factors for an informed choice.

There is nothing more important to a good night than a good night’s sleep. If you have a healthy mattress, that’s great, but you are probably shopping around for the best possible mattress at a reasonable price if you are like most people. This post will cover everything you need to know to find and purchase the best cheap mattress for you.

Top 5 Best Cheap Mattresses

Studio by Leesa
Reasons to buy
  • It is a mattress made with high-quality materials at a great value, provides comfort and support.

  • A top layer comprises high-quality, responsive memory foam for cooling comfort while you sleep.

  • The mattress excellent relieves pressure and reduces lower back pain.

Product details
  • Trial period: 100 nights

  • Warranty: 10–year warranty

  • Shipping:
    Free, no-contact delivery

  • Firmness:

  • Price range: $$$

  • Type: Foam

Recommended for…

We recommend this mattress for the following sleepers:

Get up to $50 off

The word “cheap” may make one think of low-quality or inferior products. This is not always true. A lot of consumers are looking for an affordable mattress without compromising on quality. 

Best Cheap Mattress Reviews

Most online shoppers are looking for the best and the cheapest bed they can find. The good news is that a quality mattress can be purchased at a lower price. The mattresses below are some of the cheap and quality mattress brands you can buy online.

Best Cheap Mattresses Reviews


The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Best Overall

If you’re looking for a cheap foam mattress, then you’re going to want to check out the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, which is called a smart mattress because it adapts to your body’s needs for a comfortable, relaxing night’s sleep.

The memory foam adjusts to your body perfectly, and the Tencel cover is soft and airy. It’s also perfect for back support and doesn’t lose its shape. Most of all, you can actually sleep through the night without waking up in back or shoulder pain.

The Nectar memory foam mattress has less heat retention and a faster response time than the competition. This mattress is also known for possessing a higher quality and amount of gel memory foam than most other options on the market, all while having an attractive price tag. 

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Review

It features five layers of foam, the most notable of which is the gel memory foam designed to keep you cool and comfortable. The Nectar is also free of any harmful chemicals, which is excellent news for those who suffer from allergies.

What I Like:

  • Nectar is one of the newest memory foam mattress companies to hit the market and is highly regarded by experts in the mattress industry as a mattress you should look at if you have a budget under $600.
  • The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is a mid-range foam mattress that uses gel memory foam to provide cooling comfort.


Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid

Best Value

Brooklyn Bedding’s Bowery Hybrid is an excellent option for people who want the comfort of memory foam without sacrificing a traditional innerspring mattress’s support. The Bowery’s layers are designed to work together to support where you need it and comfort where you need it.

Of course, a great mattress is only as good as the company that stands behind it, and we were happy to see Brooklyn Bedding’s 10-year warranty and 120-night risk-free trial period. If the Bowery Hybrid doesn’t live up to your expectations in the first three months, Brooklyn Bedding will come to pick up the mattress and refund your money.

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Review

Brooklyn Bedding has been producing some of the most innovative mattresses on the market, and their Bowery Hybrid is no exception. The Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid features a 4-layer construction that combines a memory foam comfort layer with a high-density base foam and more than 1,000 individual coils to create a sleep surface that provides support and pressure relief for the back and stomach sleepers alike.

What I Like:

  • Brooklyn Bedding’s new Bowery Hybrid is a mattress that bills itself as part memory foam, part coil.
  • This mattress is built on four layers, including one inch of quilted gel memory foam, two inches of comfort foam, a base of up to 1,032 individually encased Ascension X coils and one inch of high-density foam.
  • This hybrid bed’s standout feature is that it features Brooklyn Bedding’s Open Cell Technology, which allows for increased airflow and breathability while also providing a little more of the bounce and contour that memory foam mattresses are known for.


 Casper Element Mattress

Best Affordable Mattress

The Casper Element is a 10-inch mattress and is an excellent choice for those who like a little more height than the Casper or Casper Wave mattress. This is a new luxury mattress by Casper, one of the fastest-growing mattress companies in the United States. Casper’s mattresses are designed to provide consumers with a comfortable, medium-firm feel. The Element has many similarities to Casper’s other products, but with a few key differences in comfort and construction.

Casper Element Mattress Review

The Casper Element mattress is an excellent option for those looking for a soft sleeping surface and a medium level of comfort. This is often the best choice for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers. 

Casper Element Mattress Review

The foam is given a soft top layer for convenience, but the bottom layer is built to last and provide enough support for those who need it. The Element mattress has the same amount of firmness as the Casper Original, but it has a sinking feeling, making it feel slightly softer.

What I Like:

  • The Element mattress gives you the firmness and support of a traditional mattress but allows you to benefit from the comfort of foam.


Studio by Leesa

Best for Back Pain

For those of you that suffer from back pain, I have a mattress that I love. The bed is the Studio by Leesa Mattress. The mattress is made out of three layers. The top layer is a responsive memory foam, which conforms to your body and adjusts to your body temperature through the night. The second and third layers are high-density foam, meant to be firm enough to support but comfortable enough for a good night’s rest.

Studio by Leesa Review

The Studio by Leesa mattress is a luxury bed-in-a-box option that combines memory foam’s comfort and the core layer’s support. The Studio is excellent for all-around comfort, especially side and back sleepers alike, and comes backed by a 10-year warranty.

Studio by Leesa Review

What I Like:

  • The Studio by Leesa mattress is handcrafted in the USA.
  • This product line is geared towards helping you get the sleep you need. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, you’ll appreciate how the Studio by Leesa mattresses support your sleeping position, allowing you to get the rest you need.


The Allswell Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattress for Couples

The Allswell is a hybrid mattress. This means it combines features of both innerspring and foam mattresses. This makes it a good choice for looking for a mattress that provides a balance between the two.

The Allswell Hybrid Mattress Review

It will give you a good amount of support, but it will also contour nicely to your body, with pressure-relieving comfort similar to a memory foam mattress. This hybrid mattress is a great choice for many reasons, but the chief among them is designed to provide a personalized sleeping experience. 

The Allswell Hybrid Mattress Review

The Allswell Hybrid Mattress is a new bed in the hybrid mattress market and is touted as a revolutionary product that will change the industry as we know it. The company is even promising that the hybrid bed will be the most comfortable bed that you will ever sleep in.

What I Like:

  • The Allswell Hybrid Mattress is the latest entry in the hybrid mattress market, and it’s a compelling option for those who want to get the most of their sleep.
  • This product was developed with input from customers and reviewers, and like other products from the same company, it’s priced competitively and offers an extended warranty.

Buyer’s Guide

Mattresses are as personal as clothing and car seats. Each person has their own preferences in what they want in a product. This guide lists all the criteria people use to pick out mattresses and what they like and dislike about them. These reviews will be of the best cheap mattresses based on a combination of what people actually prefer.

How To Pick Quality Inexpensive Mattresses

A cheap mattress is a great way to get a good night’s sleep without having to shell out lots of cash. But while the cost of a cheap bed may be lower, quality is often lacking. In fact, some are made with fillers and materials that can even be hazardous to your health. That’s why it’s important to understand what is inside the best cheap mattress. Here are common mattress types with their pros and cons.

Types Cheap Mattress

Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses

Cheap memory foam mattresses can be an excellent way to save money while getting a good night’s rest. These mattresses are made of viscoelastic foam and are designed to contour the curves of your body, helping you to fall asleep faster and get a better night’s sleep. 

Not everyone can afford to buy a good memory foam mattress. In fact, many people have to settle with buying a cheap memory foam mattress just to have a decent night’s sleep. A memory foam mattress is an excellent investment, as it helps your body recover from the stress you experience every day. But you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good night’s sleep.

Budget Latex Mattresses

Latex is a natural and durable material commonly used in mattresses. It originated as a rubber substitute in the early 19th century. While it is frequently used in latex mattress toppers and many mattresses, it is possible to find latex mattresses that are highly affordable and used daily. Your budget may determine the type of latex mattress that will work for you. There is natural and synthetic latex offered on the market. Depending on your budget and other preferences, you can choose the best cheap mattress from latex.

Polyurethane Foam Budget Mattresses

Polyurethane foam budget mattresses are typical in the USA and UK. They are often used as a temporary solution to a lack of a bed or as a starter mattress for new couples starting on their own. The most common type of polyurethane foam mattress is the open-cell kind, which is also the least expensive.

A polyurethane foam mattress typically has a cover that is either vinyl or cotton. Both materials are easy to clean and can be removed for washing. Vinyl tends to be a bit more durable than cotton, but it’s also harder to clean. The surface of a polyurethane foam mattress usually has a slightly textured feel.

Hybrid Mattresses On A Budget

Hybrid mattresses are a new type of mattress that has been gaining popularity in recent years. A hybrid mattress combines the comfort of a memory foam mattress without the heat retention that comes from it. The most common type of hybrid mattress is an innerspring wrapped in memory foam. The innerspring gives you the support you need, and the memory foam makes it easier to sleep on and gives you better pressure point relief.

The best part about a hybrid mattress is usually much cheaper than a traditional memory foam mattress. The price is lower because a hybrid mattress doesn’t have the same high-quality memory foam that a traditional memory foam mattress does.

What To Expect From A Budget Mattress? 

The difference between an expensive mattress and a cheap one can be a lot like the difference between a Ferrari and a Kia. Sure, the Kia will get you from point A to point B, but it won’t do it in style. The same can be said of mattresses. An inexpensive bed will get the job done, but it cannot be so comfortable, durable, or supportive as a more expensive one. All mattresses have a lifespan, and you can extend the life of a cheap mattress by taking care of it. With the help of these tips, you can choose the best cheap mattress and use it for years.

Firmness & Feel

The firmness and feel of a mattress are a matter of personal preference. For some, a soft mattress that sinks in under your body is just what they need for a quality night’s sleep. But heavy people who move around a lot at night might need a firmer mattress to ease pressure on the body and keep them from sinking into the bed. Sinking into the mattress can cause people to lose muscle tone over time and lead to aches and pains.

Mattress Firmness

Motion Isolation

Not all cheap mattresses offer this feature. The key to motion isolation is the density of the bed and the materials used to make it. The lower the density, the more likely you are to feel any movement by a bed partner. The denser the mattress, the better it will isolate movement. A product may have a perfect amount of materials in the top and bottom layers, but it’s the core of the mattress that makes the difference. A thick core offers more support and motion isolation. The best mattresses for motion isolation are gel-infused memory foam mattresses.

Mattress Motion Isolation

Edge Support

When you are looking for a good quality mattress, you will find that budget matters. You can’t just go and find the cheapest bed from an online or local store and expect it to be the best for your body. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money to get a good night’s sleep.

The key to finding the best budget mattress with proper edge support is to find a good balance between the quality of the product and the price. You can do this by comparing different models and types of mattresses, such as memory foam or latex. Also, look for mattresses with different edge support features.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief is one of the most important features to look for in a mattress if you suffer from back problems. However, there are many different ways to measure pressure relief. Some brands use proprietary, unique methods in calculating pressure relief. Anyway, the higher the pressure relief points the product has, the better function it provides.


Mattress durability is a topic that mattress shoppers often ignore. After all, people usually don’t buy mattresses very often. The most common cause of mattress failure is sagging. This occurs when the support core loses its ability to support the bed. Usually, this is a result of the foam layers breaking down. Meanwhile, the vinyl or cloth on top can become less elastic over time. Some cheap mattresses are made of middle and low-quality materials, so you need to check them twice before the final choice.


What is the best type of mattress for people on a budget?

Cheap mattresses are typically made of lower-quality materials, so they may not offer the best support. However, there are affordable mattresses available that provide decent comfort and support. Look for mattresses made with good quality foam or latex, and give preference to those with higher-density foams.

Are there any benefits to buying a cheaper mattress?

Yes, there can be some benefits to buying a cheaper mattress. Cheaper mattresses tend to be more affordable and have shorter warranties, so if you are on a tight budget, they may be a better option for you. They also tend to be more lightweight and easier to move, which could be an advantage for those who move frequently.

How do I know if a cheaper mattress will provide good support?

Check the material that the mattress is made from, as well as the density of the foam or latex. Generally, mattresses with higher-density foams will provide better support. Additionally, look for mattresses with added features such as edge support or pressure relief technology.

What factors should be considered when choosing a сheap mattress?

When selecting a сheap mattress, consider the firmness level, mattress type, and any additional features that the mattress may have.

How long do сheap mattresses last?

Generally, сheap mattresses can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. However, this can vary depending on the quality of the mattress and how often it is used.

Should I buy a сheap mattress if I have back pain?

Depending on the type and severity of your back pain, a сheap mattress may or may not be the best option for you. If your back pain is not severe, you may opt for a medium-firm mattress for cushioning and support. However, if you have chronic back pain, it is best to speak to a medical professional to determine the firmness level that is best for you.

Are there any special care instructions for сheap mattresses?

Yes, it is important to take care of your сheap mattress properly in order to maintain its quality and longevity. Regularly vacuum the mattress to remove any dust and debris, and rotate it every few months to ensure even wear. Additionally, use a mattress protector to protect the mattress from spills and stains.

The Bottom Line

This buyer’s guide is aimed at those looking for the best cheap mattress. I have covered a vast number of models ranging in price from $100 to $1,000. If you’re in the market for this type of mattress, we’re confident you’ll find something to your liking in our guide. 

I hope the information in this buyer’s guide and my list of the best cheap mattresses will help you choose the right mattress for your tight budget.

Nick Favreau

Nick Favreau is an expert mattress writer, whose unbiased reviews and in-depth analyses of mattresses have made him a trusted source of information for those looking for quality sleep.

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