Best Air Mattress Pump

Best Air Mattress Pump Reviews

Brief: Best Air Mattress Pump

  1. Introduction: Air mattress pumps are essential for quickly and efficiently inflating air beds. Various types are available, varying in size, noise level, and features like deflation options.
  2. Top 5 Air Mattress Pumps:
    • Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump: Best Overall. Features 3 nozzles, rechargeable battery, 12V DC car adapter, AC home adapter, and lightweight design.
    • AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump: Best Value. Portable, lightweight, compatible with 12V DC and 110-120V AC power, and includes 3 nozzle sizes.
    • Semai Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump: Best Dual Function. Electric pump with 1.7m cord, three different nozzles, inflates and deflates quickly.
    • Coleman QuickPump: Best for Camping Trips. Plugs into the 12-volt car or boat outlet, quick inflation and deflation, includes Boston adapters.
    • Etekcity Electric Portable Air Mattress Pump: Best Sound Insulation Design. Quick-fill feature, portable, long power cable for convenience.
  3. Features:
    • Portability: Compact and lightweight for easy transport.
    • Versatility: Compatible with various power sources and includes multiple nozzle sizes for different uses.
    • Efficiency: Quick inflation and deflation capabilities.
  4. Advantages:
    • Convenience: Saves time and effort in inflating air mattresses.
    • Adaptability: Suitable for different inflatables beyond air mattresses.
  5. Considerations for Buying:
    • Noise Level: Choose a pump with acceptable noise output.
    • Deflating Option: Useful for easy and fast deflation.
    • Durability: Ensure the pump is built for longevity and frequent use.
    • Size and Weight: Consider portability and storage needs.
    • Price: Balance cost with features and quality.
  6. Types of Air Mattress Pumps:
    • Manual Air Pump: Economical, no power source needed.
    • Electric Air Pump: More efficient, may require batteries or an electrical outlet.
    • Battery-Powered Air Pump: Ideal for travel and outdoor use.
  7. Conclusion: Choosing the right air mattress pump depends on your specific needs, such as the type of inflatables you’re using, portability requirements, and budget. Consider the features, efficiency, and noise level to find the best pump for your air mattress and other inflatable items.

Air mattress pumps are a way to inflate your air bed quickly and safely, but there are many types of these devices. They may differ in size, noise volume, and deflating options. This guide will help you decide which air mattress pump is best for your needs.

Best Air Mattress Pump Reviews

Top 5 Air Mattress Pumps

Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump
Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: ‎5.3 x 7.2 x 4.9 inches
  • Price: $

Best Air Mattress Pump Reviews


Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump

Best Overall

The world’s largest inflatable manufacturer, Intex, has just released its new Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump. Quick-fill means that you can inflate your airbed or pool toy in nearly half of the time than before.

Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump Review

The Intex Quick-Fill Rechargeable Air Pump is a battery-operated pump that inflates and deflates mattresses quickly and easily. It has 3 interconnecting nozzles that inflate or deflate the mattress. This product also has a 12V DC power adapter to charge your air bed and a household AC power adapter for home charging.

It’s only 2 pounds and has an easy carry handle for better portability around your home. The new shape with the easy carry handle makes this an ideal camping companion because it folds up small for storage when not needed. Rechargeable batteries, a more efficient motor, and other features elevate the Quick-Fill Air Pump to Intex’s newest invention.

What I Like

  • It’s a portable air pump.
  • It’s a lightweight product – only 2 pounds.
  • It can be used for many different applications such as mattresses, pool toys, and more!
  • It has a 12v DC car power adapter, AC adapter home input plug, 3 nozzles of different sizes, and a fold-up handle for easy carrying.


AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump

Best Value

At a travel-friendly dimension, you can easily take air pumps anywhere you go! The AGPtEK portable quick-fill electric air pump is small and lightweight. It works with the AC adapter that comes included and plugs into your car cigarette lighter (12V).

AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump Review

With 3 nozzles of different sizes, the pump is compatible with 12V DC and 110 -120V AC power supply. The powerful electric air pump can inflate mattresses quickly and easily; it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use! The AGPtEK Air Pump is a multi-purpose, essential tool for any home or workplace that needs to quickly inflate mattresses or other items.

What I Like

  • The portable pump is small and lightweight, which allows you to take it anywhere.
  • The pump works with the included power adapter and plugs into your car cigarette lighter (12V).
  • With 3 nozzles of different sizes, a pump is compatible with 12V DC and 110 -120V AC power supply.
  • A powerful electric air pump can inflate mattresses quickly and easily.
  • The pump is perfect for indoor or outdoor use!


Semai Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump

Best Dual Function

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at a partially inflated air mattress and asking aloud, “Why can’t I finish what I started?” then this wonderfully simple device is the answer to your prayers.

semai Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump Review

The Semai Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump can inflate or deflate any type of inflatable object in just seconds. It’s an electric pump with a 1.7m cord that will never get tangled and comes with three different nozzles for almost anything you might need it to do.

Electric pumps are great because you don’t need to waste your time inflating or deflating anything manually. This product can inflate a Queen-size air mattress in just a few minutes. You don’t have to attach two hoses to each other and try to figure out how much air has come into your mattress, either. The Semai pump monitors its pressure and will stop automatically when it reaches the desired level.

semai Portable Quick-Fill Electric Air Pump Review

It can also be used for other inflatable items, like inflatable pool floats and toys, as well as rafts and boats. It’s the perfect travel companion for long road trips or international flights. If you want to use it for a long period, you can buy an extension cord for extra mobility.

What I Like

  • This mattress pump can be used for many things, whether camping, rafting, kayaking, or camping.
  • It is a small size, and you can bring it anywhere.
  • It requires less time to pump and deflate the air mattress.
  • A powerful operation makes it a convenient product; you don’t have to worry about the power supply of your house.


Coleman QuickPump

Best for Camping Trips

This Coleman QuickPump gets the job done quickly. It’s a convenient electric pump plug into the 12-volt outlet in your car or boat and is lightweight, compact, and portable.

It only takes seconds to inflate and deflate this massive air mattress to any size you need with its Fast Inflate and Fast Deflate design. There are included Boston adapters on one side of the pump so that you can use it with other common inflatables too! So what are you waiting for? Check out this Coleman Quickpump today!

Coleman QuickPump Review

I have been using this pump to inflate the air mattress in our camper, and I really like the dual-action setup. The idea to allow you to have a pump that will inflate as well as deflate is cool.

What I Like

  • Inflate and deflate any airbed with a Double Lock valve in seconds with a Fast Inflate and Fast Deflate design.
  • Plug right into your 12-volt accessory outlet in your car or boat to inflate or deflate at any time you need!
  • Boston adapters are included to blow up other common inflatables too!


Etekcity Electric Portable Air Mattress Pump

Best Sound Insulation Design

If you enjoy camping or just want to be prepared for impromptu sleepovers, the Etekcity Electric Portable Air Mattress Pump is the perfect addition to your home arsenal. It has a number of features that make it especially valuable for campers and outdoorsy folks, including its design that makes it easy to transport or pack up if needed, and its long power cable that allows you to inflate your air mattress from a distance.

Etekcity Electric Portable Air Mattress Pump Review

The best part about this pump system is how quick and efficient it is when filling or deflating an air mattress. Featuring a quick-fill function that inflates an air bed from flat to full in just 4 minutes and a deflate function that allows you to deflate your mattress with the push of a button, this pump is designed for convenience.

Etekcity Electric Portable Air Mattress Pump

Using the Quick-fill feature, you can fill your air mattress in about 4 minutes. Simply unfold the pump and plug it in. Watch as the pump fills your mattress to the desired level, and then press it again to stop filling.

What I Like

  • The pump is small and compact for easy storage and portability, making it perfect for taking camping or to the beach.
  • The quick-fill feature is an excellent addition to an air mattress because it allows you to fill your mattress quickly so that you can begin using it right away.
  • This product also has a deflate valve that allows you to deflate your air bed with one simple push of a button.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many different types of pumps available on the market, including manual and electric models; while electric models typically produce less noise than manual pumps, they cost more than their manual counterparts do.

Best Air Mattress Pump Buyer’s Guide

Additionally, each of these models has its own unique features that differentiate it from the others on the market. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the best air mattress pump for your needs.

What Is Air Mattress Pump?

The main job of an air mattress pump is to quickly increase the firmness or density of an air bed so that it can be used comfortably on one’s body or reduce its pressure to reduce any kind of risk during sleep.

The term “air mattress pump” is most often used when talking about non-electric models of these devices; however, the same function can be performed by automatic electric models as well. Usually, manual styles are cheaper in terms of price than their electric counterparts, so if you’re on a budget, they are an option to consider.

Is It Worth Using Air Mattress Pump?

The simple answer to this question is yes, it is worth using an air bed pump, especially if you do not want to spend a long time getting back in shape after a long and exhausting trip. Consumers who have tried using different types of air pumps indeed say that their device was very helpful for them.

Is It Worth Using Air Mattress Pump?

All in all, it’s vital to keep your mattress inflated to a certain degree, or you risk getting back pain and other inconveniences that are associated with deflated air beds.

Types Of Air Mattress Pumps

According to the structure, air mattress pumps can be divided into three groups – manual, electric, and powered-by-batteries models.

Manual Air Pump

Manual air pumps are the most affordable option you have in terms of purchasing an air bed pump. They’re made rather simply without any loud engine that could disturb your sleep. These models are equipped only with a mechanism that pushes air from the pump through a hose into your mattress’s valve.

They are very similar in use to air compressors, but what makes them distinctive is the fact that they do not require an external source of electricity or battery, only your hand of feet action.

Electric Air Pump

The second type of these devices, electric models, is the most commonly used one and is equipped with an electric engine (usually a powerful DC one).

These air pumps can be found in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Their efficiency depends on their size and power and features such as noise level control and pressure gauge.

Battery Powered Air Pump

Batteries power the third type of air mattress pump. They are relatively small, cheap, and quiet, so they’re very convenient for traveling and camping trips and are used in various public places such as hotels or hostels.

The most popular types of these devices utilize rechargeable batteries and an electric motor to force air from the pump through the hose into the mattress valve. However, it was found that these kinds of pumps tend to become less efficient with time since their motors eventually wear down from overuse.

What To Consider When Buying An Air Mattress Pump

There are a few things you should take into account before making your choice.

Noise Level

When using an air mattress pump, it is really important to keep in mind the noise level of the device. It is not uncommon for some models to make a lot of noise, especially at high speed, which might be problematic for you if you intend to use your air pump at night or during the day when everyone else is asleep nearby.

Nevertheless, compared to other types of devices used for similar purposes, air mattress pumps are usually quieter than their counterparts – compressors and vacuum cleaners.

Deflating Option

If you don’t plan on using your mattress for a very long period, or if you want to use it in public places, you might consider buying an air pump with a deflating option.

This function allows you to save on the money spent on electricity and save some space in your luggage when the mattress is not being used. However, keep in mind that this feature will be available only with electric pumps and models that operate on batteries.


It is important that you consider the durability of your air mattress pump before making your final decision. You would not want to buy something that is going to break, so make sure that the model you choose has a good warranty. Also, check whether the product was designed for frequent use and heavy-duty applications.

Dimensions And Weight

As with any other object, size, and weight are things that matter a lot when it comes to products of this kind; however, there are many models on the market nowadays (both electric and non-electric) that are often compact or lightweight, so it is worth checking how they fit into your luggage or camping gear bag.


Of course, price is also a thing to consider before making your purchasing decision. As you may have already guessed, the more advanced and quality the product, the more it will cost.

The Bottom Line

All in all, air mattress pumps are relatively inexpensive and a great way to maintain the quality of your mattress. It is important to invest in one if you do not want to get back pain, sleep disturbances, or other inconveniences associated with overly deflated air beds.

When choosing your pump, think about how often you will use it and where. Do you need something small and compact enough so that it can fit into your luggage? Is noise an issue? Find the answer to these questions and make the right choice according to your needs! Thanks for reading; I hope this article was interesting for you.


What is an air mattress pump?

An air mattress pump is a device that is used to inflate or deflate an air mattress.

What types of air mattress pumps are available?

There are two primary types of air mattress pumps: electric and manual. Electric pumps are the most common and are powered by either electricity or batteries. Manual pumps require manual operation and can be operated either by foot or with a hand pump.

What are the advantages of an air mattress pump?

An air mattress pump is a convenient and easy way to inflate or deflate an air mattress quickly. It is also a great way to adjust an air mattress to your own comfort level.

What should I consider when buying an air mattress pump?

You should consider the size of the mattress, the type of pump, and the power source needed. You should also determine the number of times you would like to be able to adjust the firmness of the mattress.

How often should I use an air mattress pump?

It is recommended that you use an air mattress pump when you initially set up the mattress, and once every few months thereafter to keep it in peak condition.

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