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Brief: Ashley Sleep Mattresses

  • Overview: Ashley Sleep Mattresses are known for their safety and comfort, catering to a wide range of sleep preferences with various products.
  • Top 5 Best Ashley Sleep Mattresses:
    1. Ashley Sleep Anniversary Edition Firm Mattress – Best Overall, known for firm support and back pain relief.
    2. Ashley Sleep Santa Fe Pillowtop Mattress – Best Performing, combining comfort with a luxurious look.
    3. Ashley Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress In A Box – Best Pressure Relief, known for its durable and comfortable design.
    4. Ashley Sleep Hybrid Mattress In A Box – Best for Lumbar Support, offering a combination of gel memory foam and pocketed coils.
    5. Ashley Sleep 12 Inch Ashley Hybrid Mattress – Best Firmness, providing a balance of comfort and support.
  • Key Features:
    • Construction: Utilizes a combination of high-density support foam, gel memory foam, and individually wrapped coils.
    • Comfort and Support: Designed to offer back support, pressure relief, and a range of firmness levels for different sleeping styles.
    • Cooling Technology: Certain models include cooling features for temperature regulation during sleep.
    • Material Quality: High-quality components are used for durability and comfort.
    • Motion Isolation: Mattresses designed to minimize motion transfer, beneficial for couples.
  • Suitability:
    • For Various Sleepers: Accommodates back, stomach, and side sleepers with specific firmness and support levels.
    • Hypoallergenic Properties: Suitable for individuals with allergies due to hypoallergenic materials.
  • Additional Information:
    • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty offered on products.
    • Price Range: Mattresses range from $200 to $2000, catering to different budgets.
    • Durability: Designed to last up to 10 years with normal wear and tear.

Ashley Sleep Mattresses is one of the most highly recognized mattress companies, producing products that are designed to be both safe and comfortable. 

With several different products available, Ashley offers a mattress that is suitable for nearly every person and every sleeping style.

So, you want a good night’s sleep, but are you looking for a comfortable mattress that doesn’t cost the earth? Do you want to know how much a mattress should cost, or what features you should look for? Well, you have come to the right place!

Top 5 Best Ashley Sleep Mattresses Review

Ashley Sleep Anniversary Edition Firm Mattress
Reasons to buy
  • Anniversary Edition Firm Mattress will give you the firm support you need. I love this mattress because it has a firm feel without being uncomfortable.

  • It is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a mattress to give them the support to relieve back pain.

  • It is infused with high-density support foam, gel memory foam, individually wrapped coils, support foam for quick pressure relief.

Product details
  • Trial period: N/A

  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

  • Shipping:
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  • Firmness:

  • Price range: $$$

  • Type: Foam

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Many factors contribute to a great night’s sleep, but one element that is often overlooked is your mattress. A bad mattress can punish your body in a number of ways. It can interfere with your sleep cycle, leaving you feeling tired and fatigued the next day, and can cause back shoulder, and neck pain.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, there are a few things to consider when purchasing a new one.

Ashley Sleep Mattress Review

Ashley Sleep Mattresses is an online retailer offering a wide variety of mattresses, pillows, toppers, and bedding products, allowing customers to buy anything they need to give their sleep quality the boost it needs. 

Each product is carefully chosen and tested by the company to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality possible. The company is also a proud sponsor of the Mattress Appreciation Society, which is a group of mattress lovers who have gathered together to create a community of sleep enthusiasts.

 Read on to learn more about how you can find the right mattress for you.

Ashley Sleep Mattresses Reviews


Ashley Sleep Anniversary Edition Firm Mattress

Best Overall

The Anniversary Edition Firm Ltd. Twin Mattress by Ashley-Sleep® is the epitome of quality and comfort. This mattress is dressed in a luxurious satin cover that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Ashley Sleep Anniversary Edition Firm Mattress Review

The Ashley Sleep Anniversary Edition Mattress is a firm bed that is a great choice for any sleeper looking for a bed that provides great back support as well as pressure relief. 

The mattress is made from high-quality components. It is specifically designed to combine the support of individually wrapped coils with that of memory foam, and it also uses support foam to create a luxurious sleeping experience.

With its combination of components, the Anniversary Edition Firm Mattress provides the firmness that most people are looking for, and it is great for all types of sleepers.

What I Like:

  • Anniversary Edition Firm Mattress will give you the firm support you need. I love this mattress because it has a firm feel without being uncomfortable. 
  • This is a great choice for anyone who needs a mattress that will give them the support they need to relieve back pain.
  • This mattress has individually wrapped coil springs that ensure an even distribution of weight and back support. 
  • It is infused with gel-infused memory foam and high-density support foam for a quick breakdown of pressure points.


Ashley Sleep Santa Fe Pillowtop Mattress

Best Performing

The Ashley Sleep Santa Fe Pillowtop Mattress is a high-quality mattress at a moderate price. 

The first thing I noticed about this mattress is its fantastic appearance. The top is a beautiful, soft, smooth, and luxurious feeling quilted fabric. This is an expensive-looking mattress that would look great in any bedroom. It’s also a great color that will blend in with almost any decor.

Ashley Sleep Santa Fe Pillowtop Mattress Review

The mattress is ideal for any sleep position from the back, side, stomach, or even some more adventurous sleep positions. 

The top offers extreme comfort and softness, while the memory foam is extra thick to cradle your body. 

The coil support system will help relieve pressure off of your body while you sleep, and the foam is wrapped in strong cotton.

What I Like:

  • The mattress is plush, soft to the touch, and constructed with layers of high-density memory foam and ultra-plush support foam that will delight your senses. 
  • It also features individually wrapped coil support and a thick layer of plush quilt foam and support foam that helps it maintain its shape and spring back to its original form.


Ashley Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

Best Pressure Relief

When I first laid eyes on the Ashley Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box, I was impressed.

The new Ashley-Sleep® 8-inch mattress is a great option for those who are looking for a new mattress. 

Ashley Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box Review

The mattress is very durable and has a very comfortable feel, which you can’t really put your finger on. It has a memory foam layer that contributes to the feeling, which we definitely recommend. The mattress is very firm while still being soft and plush, and the edges are built to last.

Ashley Sleep 8 Inch Memory Foam Mattress in a Box Review

The memory foam in this mattress is designed to contour your body and provide great pressure relief. 

This helps relieve aches and pains and promotes a peaceful night’s sleep. 

The extra layer of high-density foam in this mattress provides a firmer, more supportive base that supports your body and helps reduce motion transfer, so you can keep moving without disturbing your partner.

What I Like:

  • If you’re looking for a wide mattress with medium firmness, the Ashley Sleep in a Box Memory Foam mattress is a good option. 
  • The memory foam layer provides good support for your body. 
  • It comes in a box, so it is very easy to set up. 
  • It is also a very affordable product. 


Ashley Sleep Hybrid Mattress in a Box

Best for Lumbar Support

If you’re looking for a great mattress at a great price, the Ashley Sleep Hybrid Mattress in a Box is an excellent choice.

This hybrid mattress combines the cooling effects of gel memory foam with the support of pocketed coils to give you a restful night’s sleep without costing you a fortune. 

Ashley Sleep Hybrid Mattress in a Box Review

The mattress was comfortable and provided just the right level of support with no pressure points. It was also easy to set up. The mattress was delivered to my home, and it only took a few minutes to unwrap it and set it up in my bedroom.

Ashley Sleep Hybrid Mattress in a Box Review

Overall, I was very happy with this mattress experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the market for a new mattress.

This mattress is an innovative product that combines the best features of an innerspring mattress with a gel-infused memory foam top. The result is a mattress that provides pressure relief from the memory foam layer and body contouring support from the coils.

What I Like:

  • The Ashley Sleep Hybrid mattress in a box is a high-quality mattress that is one of the best products to come from the Ashley Sleep Company. 
  • The Ashley Sleep Hybrid mattress in a box is the top-rated product because it is comfortable and affordable. 
  • All of the materials used in mattress production ensure that they will provide the highest quality and comfort.


Ashley Sleep 12 Inch Ashley Hybrid Mattress

Best Firmness

If you are looking for a mattress that offers comfort and support, then the Ashley Sleep 12 Inch Ashley Hybrid Mattress might be the right fit for you. The mattress is designed to give you the comfort and support you need to relax your body, and it also has a breathable material that will help with the temperature and keep you cool.

Ashley Sleep 12 Inch Ashley Hybrid Mattress Review

The Ashley Sleep 12 Inch Ashley Hybrid Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines the coil mattress’s traditional feel with memory foam’s comfort. 

The coil mattress offers a more traditional mattress experience. It offers a firmer feel, and the coils move independently to support your body. 

The memory foam provides a more luxurious feel. It conforms to the shape of your body and cradles your body in softness. 

Many people find that sleeping on memory foam helps reduce pain, especially back and neck pain. 

The memory foam is also designed to provide support for your lower back. It contours to your body to offer support where you need it most. 

The result is a firm mattress that gives you the comfort you want along with the support.

What I Like:

  • The Ashley Sleep 12 Inch Ashley Hybrid Mattress is one of the few mattresses that is designed to combine the best of both worlds – memory foam and coil springs. 
  • This mattress is so unique because it combines both of these materials into one mattress. The coils allow you to get the firmness that some people prefer, and the memory foam allows you to get the comfort that some people prefer.
  • Although it is a firm mattress, it is not uncomfortable. It has great lumbar support, so your back feels supported and snug.

Why Choose Ashley Sleep Mattresses?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably ready to make the switch to a new mattress. But with so many options out there and so many stores that sell them, the process of finding the right new mattress can be stressful. There are a lot of things to consider: do you need a firm or a soft mattress, or something in between? 

Are you concerned with budget or comfort? If you’re looking for a comfortable night’s sleep, you’re not alone. The vast majority of Americans spend a third of their lives on their mattress, so it should be one of the best investments you ever make.

When you’re shopping for a mattress, you have plenty of reasons to choose Ashley Sleep Mattresses. For instance, we’re the oldest family-owned mattress company in the U.S.A., and our dedication to quality is unparalleled. But you may want a few more reasons to choose Ashley. 

We’ve compiled the top six reasons here; each one is supported by decades of experience, hundreds of thousands of happy customers, and the latest in mattress technology.

Firmness Level

It can be hard to find a mattress that offers the right level of firmness for your sleeping style. Some people need more support than others, and some people find more firmness is better for them. 

Ashley Sleep Mattress Firmness Level

It can be confusing to sort it all out, which is part of why we recommend Ashley Sleep as the best mattress company in the industry. Ashley Sleep offers a variety of mattress firmness levels that are sure to meet even the most finicky sleepers’ needs.

If you have ever woken up in the morning with the sensation of backache or an aching neck, you know how important it is to have a comfortable sleep surface. Unfortunately, many mattresses don’t provide you with the proper support. One of the leading causes of a poor night’s sleep is a mattress that doesn’t provide pressure relief in the right places.

Ashley Sleep Mattress Pressure Relief

The Ashley Sleep Mattresses are touted as a solution to every sleeping problem you never knew you had. Whether you think you have too much or too little pressure on your body while sleeping, the Ashley Sleep Mattresses can help you.

Motion Isolation

As the list of benefits of having a mattress that is good at isolating motion goes on, it becomes more and more clear that using a sleep number mattress is the best choice for you. 

Ashley Sleep Mattress Motion Isolation

Ashley Sleep mattresses are good at isolating motion and especially beneficial for those who share a bed with a partner or who have a snorer in the bed next to them. While most mattresses can isolate motion, only certain models have each and every one of the properties necessary to provide the best experience.

Quality of Materials

An important thing to consider when choosing a mattress is the quality of the materials used. Choosing a mattress with poor quality material is like buying a cheap car with a rusted engine—what you get is something that will not last for very long. 

Ashley Sleep Mattresses offers the best materials, so you can expect your mattress to last for a long time.


When it comes to mattresses, you want comfort, support, and durability. Each of these three qualities is essential for a good night’s sleep. That’s why Ashley Sleep Mattresses offer a combination of these features. 

Ashley Sleep Mattress Durability

They use a premium hypoallergenic inner coil spring that’s temperature-sensitive for the best sleep experience. Their unique design of individually wrapped coils reduces pressure points, so you won’t be tossing and turning all night. Of course, the most important thing is finding a mattress that fits your budget. That’s why Ashley has created a line of affordable mattresses that are still built to last.


This is a company that offers a 10-year limited warranty on its products.

Sleeping Style on Ashley Sleep Mattresses

There are different sleeping styles for different people—some like a soft mattress, others like a firm mattress. However, there often is a conflict between the two. We are not saying that you should not have different firmness levels for various sleeping styles. What we are saying is that you should also consider the mattress types.

Have you ever wondered what the different sleeping styles on Ashley Sleep Mattresses are? Ashley Sleep Mattresses offers different firmness levels for various sleeping styles, including Firm, Medium, and Plush.

It’s not easy finding a mattress that’s right for you. After all, hundreds of different models, materials, and manufacturers exist, all promising to deliver the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. 

However, whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or belly sleeper, the Ashley Sleep mattress was designed with you in mind. That’s because, rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach, the mattress is designed to provide support to your entire body.

Side Sleepers

Many side sleepers are a bit baffled when they shop for a new mattress. If you’re a side sleeper, you’re probably used to sinking into your old mattress and feeling like it’s stifling your breath. 

The good news is that there are mattresses made specifically for you.

If you’re a side sleeper who’s looking for comfort and support from your mattress, there’s no better mattress choice than the Ashley Sleep mattress. With the best in comfort and support, the Ashley Sleep mattress is ideal for the side sleeper. The Ashley Sleep mattress is available in plush and medium firmness levels.

Stomach Sleepers

As most stomach sleepers know, the most important thing to look for in a mattress is one that will alleviate pressure points and provide good body support. And, while there is no shortage of stomach sleepers on the market, stomach sleepers on Ashley Sleep mattresses are some of the most popular.

They feature a few layers of foam designed to evenly distribute your weight, relieve pressure on the hips, shoulders, and elbows, and provide a better night’s sleep.

Back Sleepers

If you’re a back sleeper who is looking to buy a mattress that will give you proper support, you should consider an Ashley Sleep mattress. Back sleepers need a mattress that provides optimal support for the lower back in bed, which is why most back sleepers like the firm and medium firmness level of the Ashley Sleep mattress. 


What is the construction of Ashley Sleep Mattresses?

Ashley Sleep mattresses are constructed with layers of foam, individually wrapped coils, and memory foam. The foam layers provide support and cushioning while the individually-wrapped coils give the mattress a bouncier feel.

What is the comfort level of Ashley Sleep Mattresses?

Ashley Sleep mattresses are available in a variety of comfort levels ranging from firm to plush. They are designed for all types of sleepers, including side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

What materials are used in Ashley Sleep Mattresses?

Ashley Sleep mattresses are constructed with layers of foam, individually-wrapped coils, and memory foam. The top layer of foam is usually a cooling gel foam and the layers below are designed to provide support and cushioning.

Are Ashley Sleep Mattresses hypoallergenic?

Yes, Ashley Sleep mattresses are hypoallergenic. They are made with a foam core that is resistant to dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.

How long do Ashley Sleep Mattresses last?

Ashley Sleep mattresses are designed to last for up to 10 years with normal wear and tear.

How much does Ashley Sleep Mattresses cost?

Ashley Sleep mattresses range in price from $200 to $2000, depending on the type of mattress and the size.

Are Ashley Sleep Mattresses suitable for side sleepers?

Yes, Ashley Sleep mattresses are suitable for side sleepers. They are designed with layers of foam, individually-wrapped coils, and memory foam to provide support and cushioning for side sleepers. 

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