How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

Air mattresses are an excellent choice for temporary or temporary living arrangements. However, it can be challenging to find a space on a floor, especially one with carpeting. If you’ve found that your air mattress is constantly collapsing and touching the ground or sheets and clothing every time you move on it, it may be time to raise your air mattress off the floor.

How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

There are many benefits to raising your air mattress off the floor: increased comfort because of better posture support; prolonged life because of less contact with dirt and dust; cleaner bedding and room through avoidance of ground debris; less chance of deflation overnight due to lack of contact with cool surfaces in winter months. This article will tell you how to raise an air mattress off the floor with no fuss.

Benefits Of Air Mattress

Temporary or permanent, an air mattress is a comfortable choice for an individual or couple who needs sleeping quarters. The mattress may be either the double high type that is as thick and high as a standard bed or the single high type that is just as thick and tall as the common bed but without a headboard. These mattresses may provide either inflatable air chambers for comfort or other types of material to provide support.

Why Should You Raise Your Air Mattress?

There are several reasons why you should consider raising your air mattress off the floor. These include comfort, support, longevity, and cleanliness.

Added Comfort

When you raise your air mattress off the floor with a frame, such as a box spring or plywood platform, you can support your back better as well as reduce back pain and strain by limiting contact with the ground. This provides added comfort while sleeping on your temporary living arrangement.

Prolongs The Life Of Air Mattress

When you raise your air mattress off the floor, you reduce the number of dirt particles and contaminants touching it. This prolongs the life of your air mattress and will make it last longer than one that is constantly touching the ground.

Supports Posture

Raising your air mattress off the floor provides better support for your posture, reducing back pain and supporting a more healthy sleeping position.

Keep Your Mattress Clean

Avoiding contact with dust, dirt, and other contaminants can prevent these substances from being absorbed into your air mattress over time. This can provide a cleaner sleeping environment.

Avoid Deflation Overnight

When you place your air mattress on a raised surface, such as a box spring or plywood platform, and allow it to remain there throughout your sleeping period, it is less likely to deflate overnight because it is not in contact with the cool ground.

3 Ways How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

There are several ways that you can raise your air mattress off the floor: purchase a frame specifically designed to support an air mattress; create a frame out of plywood or use a box spring.

Box Spring

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a frame or can’t find one that will fit your air mattress, there is an easy and cheap alternative. A box spring is a platform with a grid on top of it. These platforms are great for air mattresses because the grid part of the box spring supports the air mattress without touching the floor, significantly increasing your comfort.

Box Spring

Simply place your air mattress on top of the box spring and add another piece of plywood underneath it to prevent shifting while you sleep. This allows you to have additional support without putting holes in your carpet or pressure on your box spring.


You can also use a thin piece of plywood, which you may have lying under the mattress. To do this, simply stand your air mattress up on the edge of your plywood and secure it using straps or tape. This can provide you with the support that you need without giving your air mattress any holes.


Avail Of A Special Frame

Frames and platform beds are available to be purchased specifically for air mattresses. You can check with your local furniture store to see if they offer a platform bed that is the right size for your air mattress.

Avail Of A Special Frame


What Can I Put Under My Air Mattress?

The air mattress can’t rest on the floor or a similar firm and even surface. It needs something to raise it off the ground so that air can circulate freely underneath it. In most cases, the best way to make sure that your air mattress doesn’t flatten out on the floor is by putting a thin foam-rubber pad or beds under it. You can also use plywood, folded-up newspapers, pillows, etc.

Can An Air Mattress Be Put On A Bed Frame?

You can’t put an air mattress on a regular bed frame, but you can put it on a specially created air mattress. It will support the mattress and provide more comfort and durability.

Can You Put An Air Mattress On The Floor?

Before putting the air mattress on the floor, you need to lay something like plywood under the mattress. It will prevent moisture availability, will remain clean and inflated overnight.

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