How To Patch An Air Mattress

How To Patch An Air Mattress

If your air mattress is leaking, you know it’s not a good situation. Not only are you waking up in the morning on an uncomfortable bed, but it’s also making a mess of your bedroom that needs to be cleaned up. 

First of all, you need to locate the leak, clean the surface and patch the hole with a repairing kit or super glue. This guide will walk you through the steps to patch an air mattress so that those days are behind you!

How To Patch An Air Mattress

How To Patch An Air Mattress: 6 Proven Steps

Before you can patch an air mattress, you need to find the leak. To do this, first put your air mattress on a flat surface and turn it over once. Try to find the point where it stops inflating and where the leak is. This step is essential because you will want to clean around the hole before you patch it so that the seal around it remains strong.

How To Patch An Air Mattress

Step 1: Listen For The Air Leak

One way to find out if there’s an air leak at all is by listening for where the sound of escaping air is coming from while lying on your back near the center of your bed with one ear pressed against it. If you hear a hissing sound, that’s probably your air leak.

Step 2: Locate The Leak Using Soap Bubbles

If you can’t find the air leak by listening, the next method is to use soap bubbles. Place the mattress on the surface, and prepare the soap solution. You need to combine some liquid soap and water in a bucket. 

Step 2: Locate The Leak Using Soap Bubbles

Then, using a rag or a sponge, apply soapy water on the mattress’s surface. In a place where the mattress leaks, you will see some soap bubbles appeared. Here’s the place you need to patch.

Step 3: Clean Around The Hole

You are going to want to clean around that hole with a soap and water solution using a sponge or rag. You may also clean the room. This will ensure that no particles of dirt or sand can cause another leak in the area.

Step 4: Patch The Hole With A Kit

If you don’t have any repair kits on hand, or if you’re just feeling crafty, you can patch the hole using something like super glue. This is safe to use with most of the materials that make up a typical air mattress. Use super glue if you don’t have any kits on hand. If you are using a repair kit, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully before attempting this step.

Step 3: Clean Around The Hole

Step 5: Test The Patch

After you’ve patched the hole, you need to test it to ensure that your patch has adhered properly and doesn’t leak. Just check if the patch applied correctly, and then inflate the air bed in order to locate leaks.

Step 6: Inflate The Mattress

When the work is done, you need to inflate the mattress for further usage. To inflate your mattress, you can first turn the air valve on the side of the air bed up or down as needed to bring it back up to a full “top” position. You can also use a bicycle pump and direct inflation method if that is preferable for you.

Step 6: Inflate The Mattress

How To Patch An Air Mattress With Duct Tape

After you locate the leak, you need to repair the mattress. To patch the hole with duct tape, start by taking a small strip and sticking it to the hole with a half-inch overlap on each side. This way, you can fold one side over the other as needed to get a good seal with the duct tape.

You’ll need to apply several long strips of duct tape all over the outside of your air mattress, being careful not to rip it as you go. Once you’re done, simply inflate your mattress and set it up where you want it in your house.

How To Patch An Air Mattress With Rubber Cement

To patch the hole with rubber cement, you’ll first want to make sure it isn’t dry before applying it. Open up your repair kit and add a small amount of the repair compound to the tip of your glue gun. You want to squeeze out a small amount as this will prevent any air bubbles from forming when you put it on; otherwise, this could cause a leak later on.

Next, clean off your patch area with warm water and soap, but don’t get detergent on it as that won’t allow the glue to bond properly. Once the area is clean, apply a small amount of rubber cement to your patch and start rolling it up.

How To Patch An Air Mattress With Rubber Cement

You should make sure that you keep the tube of rubber cement as straight as possible because any curves or twists will cause a leak in the area. It should stick to itself fairly well, so there’s no need to add too much glue or repair the compound.

If you’re using a repair kit, make sure that you follow the directions for applying it and use enough to come close but not right on top of your patch. Once everything has been appropriately applied and dried overnight, it can be smoothed down with a wet cloth or spatula if so needed to get an even better seal.

How To Patch An Air Mattress With Gorilla Glue

To patch the hole with Gorilla glue, first, clean up the surface with warm water and soap. Then, you’ll want to lay a strip of tape over the hole and make sure that it overlaps. Next, squirt a line of Gorilla glue onto your patch area and smooth it down using a spatula or your finger. Wait at least 12 hours before moving it, and you’re good to go. You may need to repeat this process a second time if so desired, as this will ensure strong adhesion for the repair area.

How To Patch An Air Mattress With Gorilla Glue


How Do You Fix An Air Mattress Without A Patch Kit?

To fix your air mattress without a patch kit, you may use duct tape, rubber glue, or super glue. Use these appliances according to the instructions and enjoy your air mattress.

What Can I Use To Patch An Air Mattress?

There are many ways that you can patch up a leaky air mattress. Some of the materials that you might be able to find around your house include duct tape, Gorilla Tape, rubber gloves, bubble wrap, and plastic bags. Try any combination of these items to see if they work.

Can I Use Super Glue To Patch An Air Mattress?

If you have an air mattress with a leak or hole, you may want to patch it. While there might be a patch kit available for the specific size and make of your mat, you can also use the over-the-counter adhesive, super glue. Apply super glue on both sides of the hole and place them together. Make sure they are pressed firmly against each other for several minutes before releasing any pressure. Then let it dry overnight before using it again or putting anything on top of it.

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