How To Move A Mattress

How To Move A Mattress

Moving a mattress can be a stressful and complicated experience. However, it does not have to be as difficult or time-consuming with the right tools, preparation, and technique. 

To move the mattress, you’ll need some equipment and secure straps to do it quickly. Here are five steps for successfully moving a mattress from one location to another in just minutes

How To Move A Mattress

Equipment Needed For Moving A Mattress

Every mattress must be moved with proper equipment. There are many different moving companies that you can hire to assist you in this process. Below, you will find all the basic moving tools and supplies necessary to move a mattress safely and efficiently.

Mattress Bag

The first tool needed for moving a mattress is a mattress bag or box made specifically for doing so! The purpose of using a bag is to protect the mattress from tearing it up or scratching or marking it during the move, all of which may result in decreased resale value in the future if left unaltered!

Equipment Needed For Moving A Mattress - Mattress Bag

A well-made mattress bag is formed by two separate pieces, each having its bottom piece, top piece, and straps that secure them together. This prevents the mattress from moving around inside the bag, thus preventing scrapes or dings.

Dolly Or Hand Truck

Secondly, you will need either a hand truck or dolly to move the mattress as well. There are many different types of dollies on the market; however, they all serve the same basic purpose of moving items from one place to another efficiently. 

Equipment Needed For Moving A Mattress - Dolly Or Hand Truck

You want to ensure that there is enough padding and support on your hand truck to keep your mattress from getting damaged during transport! Also, proper alignment and weight distribution are important factors as well. You do not want a busted mattress lying around because you did not prepare for it properly.

Ratchet Tie Down Strap

Another piece of equipment needed for moving a mattress is a ratchet tie-down strap. These straps are usually made from nylon rope but can be made of other materials as well. The purpose of this strap is to secure the mattress to the dolly or hand truck and prevent it from becoming dislodged while being transferred from one area to another.

Equipment Needed For Moving A Mattress - Ratchet Tie Down Strap

Nylon Rope

A tool needed for moving a mattress is nylon rope. This rope is usually used in conjunction with other tools to secure the mattress bag, dolly, or hand truck to a vehicle that does not have tie-down points. You want to make sure that the rope is long enough to adequately secure the mattress bag but short enough to not drag on the ground during transport.

Equipment Needed For Moving A Mattress - Nylon Rope


The last tool needed for moving a mattress is cardboard. It is also used in shipping boxes and other large items, thus making it one of the most versatile tools available!

Equipment Needed For Moving A Mattress - Cardboard

How To Move A Mattress: 5 Easy Steps

Now that you have all of the necessary equipment for moving a mattress, here is how to move one properly!

Put Your Mattress Into The Mattress Bag

Start by putting your mattress into its mattress bag. Do this by unzipping the mattress bag and opening it up. Lay your mattress down on its side and place it headfirst into the open end of the bag so that it is facing you. Secure the zipper on either end of the bag around your mattress using either a zipper pull or staple gun.

Clear A Path

Next, clear a path to your new location! This is important because the easier it is for you to get to your new location, the less likely you are to run into an obstacle or have the process go slower than expected.

Prepare The Vehicle

Once you have a clear path, the next step is to prepare your vehicle for driving! You do this by first putting your mattress bag into the back of your car. Then, you place either your dolly or hand truck inside the trunk and strap it down so that it will not move around! Next, place any tools that you used to secure your mattress in with it as well.

Lift And Loaf The Mattress Into the Vehicle

The next step is to lift your mattress into your vehicle! To do this, all you have to do is go to the back of the vehicle and carefully lift the mattress with one hand while simultaneously using the other hand to secure it in place. Use a dolly or hand truck if necessary.

Secure The Mattress

Once you have placed your mattress in the vehicle, pull the straps through the holes in the bottom of the bag. Once that is completed, adjust the straps to get a snug fit around your mattress while still putting the handles through. Ensure that all belts are securely fastened, and no slack is visible when you look at it from above! Now, you have just successfully moved a mattress and gotten it safely to its new location.

How To Move A Mattress Upstairs

To move a mattress upstairs, you want to enlist some help from people who are strong enough to carry your mattress up all those stairs. You might need someone else’s arms or hands for leverage if it gets too heavy on the stairs.

How To Move A Mattress Into An Apartment

Moving a mattress into an apartment is an easy task and one that most people can do with relative ease. However, if you are trying to move a bed in by yourself, you might be having some issues.

During this moving day, make sure that all of the important items (like furniture) have been moved or stored out of harm’s way before tackling this difficult task by yourself. This will keep your belongings safe and you out of trouble if you need to call in for help afterward.

How To Move A Mattress Without A Car

It may seem like you need a car to move your new mattress into your apartment, but you don’t! First, ask the landlord or fellow tenants if they have any suggestions. 

If not, consider using a hand truck or furniture dolly instead of renting or borrowing one (unless it’s free). There are also plenty of other creative ways to transport heavy items without requiring expensive equipment.

If you can find a friend’s car that isn’t in use, you’ll have more options. If not, try renting one. Don’t let the rental charges scare you off. It’s still possible to move your mattress without breaking the bank.

Many people believe that you have to use a truck or a moving company for this kind of task. But as long as the weight is no greater than 100 pounds, there are ways around it – even if it requires extra labor and effort on your part.


What Is The Easiest Way To Move A Mattress?

The easiest way to move a mattress is usually with the assistance of an off-road vehicle, such as a car or truck. The process is straightforward, and if you have someone to help you, it can be done in minutes.

How Can I Transport A Mattress Without A Truck?

You can transport a mattress without a truck by using your car as the means of transportation. If you don’t have a car, then you’ll have to carry it out single-handedly or hire movers for assistance.

Can One Person Move A Full-Size Mattress?

Yes, it’s possible to move a full-size mattress for one person. You will need a mattress belt which is specially made for moving mattresses. It works like a back brace and will keep the mattress secure while you move it.

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