How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating

How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating

Air mattresses are useful, comfortable, and convenient when they work. They allow you to sleep on a cushion that is also a full-sized bed, so there’s no need to worry about not being able to find other sleeping arrangements if you want to have guests stay over in your home rather than at a hotel or motel.

How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating

The downside is that air mattresses can be kind of delicate when it comes to the level of convenience and functionality they offer their customers. If something goes wrong with them, such as an accidental puncture or leak for example, then they will start deflating overnight and won’t provide much support for your spine while you sleep in them anymore. This article will explain why air mattresses deflate overnight and how to keep air mattress from deflating.

Why Does Air Mattress Deflate Overnight?

There are a few reasons air mattresses will deflate. If you have noticed that your air mattress is deflating overnight then you need to first understand the reason behind this.

Improper Use

Probably the biggest reason air mattresses will deflate overnight is because of improper use or an incorrect maintenance routine that has been followed. If you’ve used your air mattress for a long period, then it might have lost its air pressure and thus will now have a low air pressure when it is in use again.

This lack of air pressure can cause the materials under the mattress to become compressed, which decreases the overall strength of the bed and leads to premature flatness over time.

Lower Temperature

Temperature plays a big part in how full and sturdy your air mattress is going to be. When the weather outside starts getting colder, then chances are, you’re going to start feeling the effects of this too.

It’s therefore important to make sure that you are maintaining the correct level of temperature for your air mattress. If you find that it’s deflating overnight because temperatures have dropped, then this could have been a factor in the process.

The Pumping Predicament

Next on the list of reasons your air mattress may be deflating overnight is because you are either not pumping it enough or not pumping it correctly. Air mattresses need to be regularly pumped so that they are able to maintain their fullness and strength over time.

Holes That Leak

There is nothing more irritating than waking up and finding out that your air mattress has been deflating overnight because of the holes in it. This means that your air mattress has developed leaks that are not entirely visible, which is why so many people don’t notice them until it’s too late. These leaks can be caused by punctures in the mattress and tears or holes that have been created from a combination of wear and tear and poor care.

How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating: 5 Useful Tips

As you can see, there are several different reasons your air mattress could end up deflating overnight. As such, there are also several ways you can protect against this occurring. Our following tips will focus on how you can prevent your air mattress from deflating overnight and how to maintain its quality in case it does.

Let The Mattress Stretch Naturally

This is one of the most valuable tips that you can implement to keep your air mattress from deflating overnight. When your mattress is fully inflated, then it should be able to sit at a comfortable height without any sort of too much disturbance or movement from you or any external factors for that matter.

As such, you should let loose now and then give your air mattress a chance to stretch out and have its full pressure restored if it has lost some air pressure over time as well.

Purchase An Air Mattress With A Dual-pump System

With a dual-pump system, you can keep your air mattress inflated throughout the entire night, so you never have to worry about any holes or punctures growing or becoming bigger.

How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating: Purchase An Air Mattress With A Dual-pump System

Adjust Your Room Temperature

Temperature plays an essential part in how well your air mattress functions and how comfortable you are going to be in it while you sleep on it at night. Because of this, it’s recommended that you keep the temperature of your room and your bed consistent at all times during the year – no matter what season or weather setting we are currently experiencing.

How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating: Adjust Your Room Temperature

Notice The Maximum Weight Capacity Of The Mattress

Most air mattresses have a weight capacity for the bed itself that you can use. However, this is not always going to be a very accurate number, which is why it’s important that you check the maximum weight capacity of your air mattress before choosing one and then purchasing it.

This number will let you know how much weight can be supported by your air mattress in its fullest state. Suppose the maximum weight capacity is not enough for you. In that case, you might want to consider purchasing an air bed with a higher maximum weight capacity as well as one that is sold with a higher quality of materials. 

Patch Any Punctures

If your air mattress has developed a hole or a puncture, you should take the time to patch this up immediately. Multiple kits on the market are specifically designed to do this, but it’s typically better to purchase one than to patch holes yourself with something like tape or glue.

How To Keep Air Mattress From Deflating: Patch Any Punctures

Patching these holes yourself can be dangerous as well as ineffective, which is why it’s best if you purchased a kit that specifically covers punctures and holds up for more extended periods.


How Do You Keep An Air Mattress Inflated?

There are many ways you can keep an air mattress inflated. One way is to pump it up manually with your hand. Another, more convenient option is to use an electric pump that plugs into the wall. These pumps will inflate the mattress in a matter of minutes, and still, other inflating devices work on batteries so that you can take them anywhere.

Why Does My Air Mattress Keep Deflating With No Holes?

The air mattress may leak. If it has not been used for a long time, the air may have leaked out. You also need to check all of your valves before replacing any component on the bed.

How Can I Make My Air Mattress Last Longer?

Some things that can help lengthen the lifespan of an air mattress include using the pump often and not jumping on it or sitting on it with force, as this can cause leaks and damage.

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