How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress Guide

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of waking up to a fresh new memory foam mattress, then you know how heavenly it feels to start your day off on that cloud. But if you don’t take care of your mattress, all that comfort can quickly turn into a nightmare with poor hygiene and an unpleasant home environment.

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress

There are several steps to clean a memory foam mattress. If you want to follow best practices, I created this article outlining 4 simple steps: vacuuming and preparing the cleaning solution to spot-cleaning and drying off the mattress.

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress: 4 Easy Steps

Here are 4 essential steps to follow to clean a memory foam mattress.

Step #1 Vacuum The Mattress

You’ll need to vacuum your memory foam mattress before you can clean it. Begin by setting a small fan in the bedroom and then turn it on to speed up the process and prevent your curtains from blowing into the room while you vacuum.

Vacuum The Mattress

Vacuum any leaves, pet hair, lint, dust mites, and other debris off of the bed, or you could find yourself in an unpleasant home environment. You should also run an antimicrobial cleaning solution through the mattress or use a mattress cleaner formulated for memory foam mattresses.

Step #2 Prepare A Mattress Cleaning Solution

Proceed by filling a large container with a solution made from one part of white vinegar to warm water to dilute the solution. You can make your own by mixing equal amounts of distilled white vinegar and warm water. Mix well with a wire whisk and then pour into a spray bottle for easy application.

 Prepare A Mattress Cleaning Solution

You can use this liquid cleaner to thoroughly clean your mattress, as well as spot clean it in case it becomes dirty, or you just want to refresh the bed with a new cleaning solution. To prepare this solution, mix one part of white vinegar in one part of warm water before adding four drops of liquid soap per gallon of a mixture (or about four droplets total) and allowing the mixture to sit for 10-15 minutes.

Step #3 Spot Clean The Mattress

I’d like to recommend that you begin your cleaning process by spot cleaning, which can help loosen the stubborn stains before you go in with the bulk of the cleaning. Follow this step by first spraying the solution onto the stain. Next, rub the area using a clean sponge or cloth to lift and dissolve stains completely. You should avoid scrubbing too hard, as this could damage your mattress.

Spot Clean The Mattress

An alternate method is to soak a cloth with plain water and then squeeze out excess water before wiping down the surface thoroughly. Avoid soaking or exposing your mattress to excessive moisture, as this could result in mold growth or other undesirable conditions in your bed.

Step #4 Dry The Mattress

With your mattress now spotless, you can proceed to dry it out. Ensure that you allow the bed to completely dry out overnight before flipping it back onto its base so that both sides remain evenly humid. You can also use a hairdryer with low heat to help warm up your mattress or cover it with a thin towel.

Dry The Mattress

If you’re concerned about mold forming, you can always take steps to prevent this by using air conditioning or opening windows while your memory foam mattress dries out. Be sure not to put it in direct sunlight or expose it directly under temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Clean Foam Mattress Without Vacuum

If you don’t have a vacuum or are not powerful enough to handle the job, an effortless alternative is to use baking soda.

How To Clean Foam Mattress Without Vacuum

For furniture that’s vacuumed regularly: Sprinkle baking soda over the surface of your memory foam mattress and then use a clean tennis racket or another device to rub the powder into the bed. Next, use a clean broom or durable brush to scrub away any remaining chunks and grime that got stuck in the foam.

For furniture that’s vacuumed infrequently: Sprinkle baking soda over the surface of your memory foam mattress and then use a clean tennis racket or another device to rub the powder into the mattress. Next, place a bowl of warm water in your bathroom for 15-20 minutes, and then use the broom or brush to scrub away any remaining chunks and grime that got stuck in the foam.

How To Clean Urine From A Memory Foam Mattress

Urine can be tricky to clean, so you’ll need a few more tools than just baking soda. First, mix vinegar with hot water until it becomes diluted enough to form a spray bottle. Next, spray the mixture on the surface of your memory foam mattress. Let it soak in for 5 minutes, and then begin scrubbing with a clean brush.

Use the vinegar-water mixture to clean multiple stains that are tough to remove on your memory foam mattress. A final note: just make sure you don’t apply too much pressure when scrubbing. This could lead to premature wear or other issues with your mattress.

How To Clean Urine Pet From A Memory Foam Mattress

Urine usually creates a distinct smell, especially from cats, so it’s essential to address it as soon as possible. You can sprinkle baking soda on the surface of your memory foam mattress, letting it sit for 30 minutes before you vacuum or brush the powder away. If you use a vacuum, be sure not to let it get too close to the mattress.

How To Clean Urine Pet From A Memory Foam Mattress

Next, set out bowls of white vinegar and allow them to sit for 15-20 minutes. Use a cloth dampened with vinegar to wipe up urine and other stains from your memory foam mattress, followed by brushing away with a new brush or broom. Don’t wash your memory foam mattress with soap or detergents, as these could damage the delicate material of the top layer.

Steam Clean Memory Foam Mattress

If you can’t get to the mattress yourself or just don’t feel like dealing with it, it might be worth doing steam clean. It may take a bit of trial and error to find a method that works for your mattress, but here’s how: fill the hot water tank of your steam cleaner with warm (but not hot) water. 

Steam Clean Memory Foam Mattress

Next, put the nozzle into your memory foam mattress and set the temperature to high. Turn on the steam for about two minutes to let out any trapped moisture. Keep in mind that memory foam is very porous and will absorb a lot of water, so be careful not to let it get wet.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Memory Foam Mattress

While memory foam mattresses are known for being clean due to their anti-allergenic and hypoallergenic properties, this doesn’t mean that they should be left neglected. The fibers on the outside of the mattress pick up dirt and dust from day to day, which will lead to an unpleasant odor that is hard to get rid of. 

It’s also worth keeping your mattress clean because some dirt or stains could end up damaging the material itself if it’s not tended to quickly. Cleanliness is vital for pregnant women as they sleep on their mattresses more than anyone else in the house. 

A mattress is also an excellent place for bacteria to breed, leading to other illnesses if not properly managed. The chemicals that smell allow us to escape from odorants like feces, urine, and sweat. If your mattress has been left unwashed for too long, there is an increased risk of mold or mildew and its ability to contain the disease.

How To Take Care Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

The main thing is to purchase a durable and lightweight cover for your mattress. Many covers are available at local department stores or online. Ensure that the cover is waterproof, protecting the bed from spills, and can withstand a certain degree of wear and tear, including sunlight, dust mites, mildew, or mold.


How Often Should I Clean My Mattress?

There is no set period or specific time that you should clean your mattress – it does depend on many different factors. However, most people will want to change the sheets about once every two weeks. You should also make sure to vacuum the mattress about twice a year if you don’t have a steam cleaner or get your mattress professionally cleaned every few years (which includes removing the fabric and having it steam cleaned).
Basically, you should clean your mattress when it needs cleaning – not based on some arbitrary schedule! If you find your bed is getting dirty much more quickly than usual, then it’s probably time to deep-clean everything.

Can You Steam Clean A Memory Foam Mattress?

A great way to avoid having bacteria develop in your memory foam mattress is by using a steam cleaning on your bedding. This can help maintain an environment without any different organisms that can infect your new layer of non-breathable fabric fillings with an unpleasant odor.

How Do You Get Stains Out Of A Memory Foam Mattress?

You can have the mattress professionally dry cleaned or else wet clean it yourself with a solution of water and an organic solvent. To clean the bed by yourself, you can use baking soda, vinegar, and water.

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