How Big Is A Queen Size Mattress

How Big Is A Queen Size Mattress Guide

Queen-size beds are most commonly used for most people in the United States. The dimensions of this product are 60 inches by 80 inches, while the depth is 20 inches. In fact, queen size beds have been getting so popular that some people prefer to buy queen-sized mattresses instead of king-size ones. If you are confused about what type of bed to purchase or have decided on a queen size, this article will help you choose one for your needs and budget. 

How Big Is A Queen Size Mattress

Queen Size Mattress Length

The mattress length is measured from the longest side of the box spring to another longest side of the mattress. You should make sure that your bed is long enough to accommodate your height, weight, and width. A queen-size bed should be at least 80 inches long for any adult because anyone tall or heavy will have difficulty sleeping on a short-length bed. The good thing about queen size beds is that they will not compress during a restless night’s sleep. The quality of this bed is important, and you should get a high-quality mattress that lasts at least ten years or longer.

Queen Size Mattress Width

The queen size mattress width is measured from the edge of the box spring to the edge of the mattress. The width should be 60 inches so that this bed will fit your bed frame easily. You can also use a 6-inch foam pad to make you feel more comfortable at night.

What About California Queen Or Olympic Queen?

When you buy a queen-size bed, you can choose between the traditional queen-size mattresses, California Queen, or Olympic Queen beds. Either of them can fit an average adult, but all of them have a little bit different dimensions:

  • California Queen Mattress: 60 inches by 84 inches
  • Olympic Queen Mattress: 66 inches by 80 inches

The Olympic queen-size bed usually comes with a metal frame, while a California queen is usually made from wood.

California Queen And Olympic Queen Sizes

The first option, the California queen size, is for those who have smaller frames. The side rails are usually longer to accommodate those who want their mattresses to fit their full width. Also, the California king size has more storage space on its head and footboard. If you want a smaller and cheaper queen-size bed that does not need to be as sturdy as an Olympic or California king-size bed, this is the best compromise for most people.

Benefits Of The Queen Size Mattress

With a good queen size bed, you can sleep peacefully. A queen-size mattress has many benefits that include comfort. There is no wonder why this bed is used by people who have back problems or aches and pains in their back and legs. 

Also, the height of the bed is ideal for tall people who have trouble sleeping on beds with less than 20 inches of space between the floor and their heads. The mattress is also great for couples who love to sleep together. It does not matter if your spouse snores or tosses and turns at night. A full-size bed will do its job in making restful sleep possible for both of you. 

What To Consider While Choosing The Queen-size Mattress?

Purchasing a brand new Queen-size mattress can be challenging. There’re many options on the market today, and also there are many things to consider while shopping for the best Queen-size mattress.

Mattress Type

The first thing you need to look for is the mattress type. If you are looking for a foam mattress, then premium memory foam is a good option. It can improve your sleep and reduce pain during movement thanks to its three-layer design that includes memory and comfort layers, as well as a base layer of silicone foam for puncture protection.

This type of mattress is hypoallergenic, so it provides another level of comfort and hygiene. Some beds can be combined with memory foam or latex pads to help you relax instantly from long days at work or school.


You should always consider your weight and height when you are buying the best queen-size mattress. A firm mattress will support your body weight, which is important for heavy people. It also helps in reducing back pain at night.

Queen Size Mattress  Firmness

The high-density foam used in the mattress is most commonly used for its hardness and comfort. This type of foam has been known to improve sleep quality and maintain good posture during the night. The memory foam is also a good choice for those who want to sleep on a softer bed but still support their body weight well.

Motion Isolation

A bed can be an essential addition to your bedroom and improve your overall sleeping experience. The better the quality of your mattress, the more comfortable you will feel as you sleep at night. You should ask yourself if the type of mattress will change your sleep habits. Suppose you have back pain or feel uncomfortable when tossing and turning at night, then it is best to invest in a queen mattress.

Queen Size Mattress  Motion Isolation

Buying a full-size bed for your queen-size bed frame is not expensive, but it can improve the appearance and quality of the bed significantly. The best part about this type of foam is that it reduces pressure points on the body while reducing motion transfer from one side to another.

Optimal Room Size For The Queen-Size mattress

You should also consider the size of your room before you buy a queen-size mattress. The Minimum recommended bedroom size is about 10 x 10 feet. If you have a small bedroom, then the queen-size bed can be too big for your room. 

Optimal Room Size For The Queen-Size mattress

There is no need to waste money buying something that will not fit well in your sleeping space. The queen-size bed is ideal for those who enjoy spending their free time at home with their wives or husbands. 

Is Topper Good For Queen Mattress?

A mattress topper can make your mattress feel comfortable and protect it from any damage to the surface. If you have an old bed that needs to be replaced, then go ahead and buy a new one. You can also add a pillow top mattress pad on top of your queen size bed. This will help reduce pain in your body during sleep while providing other health benefits such as stress relief and improved blood circulation.


What size is a Queen Size mattress?

A Queen size mattress typically measures 60 inches by 80 inches.

What is the general thickness of a Queen Size mattress?

The typical thickness range of a Queen size mattress is between 8 and 14 inches.

What are the main types of Queen Size mattresses?

Queen size mattresses are available as innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, and adjustable models.

What is a Queen size firm mattress?

A Queen size firm mattress is a mattress that offers a consistent level of firmness throughout the mattress surface.

What are the benefits of a firm Queen size mattress?

Firm Queen size mattresses may provide support for people with chronic pain, help eliminate tossing and turning, and reduce motion transfer between sleepers.

How does a firm Queen size mattress compare to a plush mattress?

A firm mattress is generally more supportive and offers less sinkage than a plush mattress.

What is the best type of mattress for a Queen size bed?

The best type of mattress depends on individual preference. It is generally recommended to test a mattress in-store or online before purchasing to decide which type and level of firmness is best suited for individual needs.

What are the thinnest Queen size mattresses?

The thinnest Queen size mattresses tend to be memory foam or latex mattress models. They typically measure 8 inches or less in thickness.

What are the thickest Queen size mattresses?

The thickest Queen size mattresses are typically 14 inches or above. Hybrid, adjustable, and innerspring models with pillow tops tend to be thicker than other types of mattresses.

What is the weight of a typical Queen size mattress?

A typical Queen size mattress can range in weight from 50 to 150 pounds, depending on the mattress type and manufacturer.

How much do Queen size mattresses cost?

Queen size mattresses can cost anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, depending on the type, size, materials, and features of the mattress.

What is the best way to compare Queen size mattresses?

When comparing Queen size mattresses, it is important to consider the mattress type, feel, materials, construction, and other features, as well as the customer ratings and warranties included with the mattress.

What is the best time to buy a Queen size mattress?

It is generally recommended to purchase a mattress during sale events and holiday promotions, which can offer discounts of up to 50%.

Are Queen size mattresses suitable for couples?

Queen size mattresses are suitable for couples as they provide enough sleeping space for two people.

Are there any specialized Queen size mattresses?

There are specialized Queen size mattresses available, such as those designed specifically for side sleepers or those with medical conditions. It is important to choose a mattress that is best suited to individual needs.

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