How Big Is A Futon Mattress

How Big Is A Futon Mattress

A futon mattress is a type of bed typically used in Japan and other countries throughout East Asia. It consists of a thick, rectangular piece of cloth laid on the floor or ground and covered with a sheet or duvet for comfort; it’s also known as an “on the go” bed.

The word “futon” literally means “meditation cushion.” Keep reading to learn more about this mattress and get the answer about how big a futon mattress is.

How Big Is A Futon Mattress

What Is A Futon Mattress?

A futon mattress is made up of two layers: one layer to sleep on (the duvet) and another layer that provides extra comfort (the cover). Some futon mattresses include a third layer – padding – to better the comfort and quality of the bed. Futon mattresses range in thickness from 4 inches to 8 inches. They can be covered in an assortment of materials, such as cotton, wool, and denim.

What Is A Futon Mattress?

Futon mattresses are usually made from cotton or cotton blended with foam. In recent years, other materials such as polyester and memory foam have made them more comfortable. In addition, some futons come with fitted sheets already attached to the mattress cover.

Futon Mattress Dimensions

Futon mattresses are available in different sizes, with the most popular choice usually being the queen-sized futon mattress. 

Below you can find the list of the most common futon mattress dimensions:

  • Twin Size Futon: 39 X 75 Inches.
  • Twin Xl Size Futon: 39 X 80 Inches.
  • Full Size Futon: 54 X 75 Inches.
  • Queen Size Futon: 60 X 80 Inches.
  • King Size Futon: 76 X 80 Inches.
  • California King Size Futon: 72 X 84 Inches.

Types Of Futons

Futon mattresses come in different styles, which are mainly divided into bi-fold, tri-fold, and loveseat. However, there are more types of futons available for purchase today.


Bi-fold futons are what most people are familiar with. They have two sides made from one continuous piece of cloth, which are folded to create the mattress.

Types Of Futons: Bi-fold


Tri-fold futons have three sides made from one continuous piece of cloth, instead of just two as with bi-fold models. This allows for a lot more space on the cover for storing blankets or pillows.

Types Of Futons: Tri-fold


Loveseat futons have four sides made from one continuous piece of cloth folded over each other to make an actual seat for lazing around or watching TV together at the end of the day.

Types Of Futons: Loveseat

Types Of Futon Frames

Various types of futon frames are available for purchase online, depending on the buyer’s preference.


Metal futon frames are popular because they’re easy to assemble, usually requiring just a screwdriver for assembly. However, this type of frame may not be so easy to move around when it’s time for clean-up or moving to another location in the house.

Types Of Futon Frames: Metal


Wooden futon frames are durable and strong enough to hold up heavy body weight, but they still have an elegant look that makes them fit into any home décor.

Types Of Futon Frames: Wood


Plywood futon frames are sturdy and have an attractive finish that mixes well with the décor of the room it is placed in. They’re also easy to assemble, making them suitable for people who don’t have much free time to spend on futon assembly.

Types Of Futon Frames: Plywood

Different Types Of Futon Mattresses

You can choose from different types of futon mattresses depending on your specific needs or preferences; it’s essential to look for comfortable and provide the support you need.

Memory foam mattresses are popular choices because they mold your body shape and weight contours, making them more supportive than other models on the market today. Innerspring futon mattresses are often low-cost, making them good options for those on a budget.

Memory Foam

Memory foam futon mattresses are popular because the foam absorbs and distributes body weight and pressure evenly. The memory quality of the mattress material makes it mold to your body’s shape and weight, supporting your spine and preventing pressure on your joints and bones. Memory foam is also helpful in relieving chronic pain from spinal issues such as scoliosis, osteoarthritis, backaches, etc.

Types Of Futon Mattresses: Memory Foam


Innerspring futon mattresses are mainly used in the United States. This type of mattress comprises coils of steel wire that are tightly wound into foam padding. They’re durable and long-lasting, although they may be as supportive as memory foam or other types of futon mattresses.

Types Of Futon Mattresses: Innerspring

How Long Does A Futon Mattress Last?

It all depends on the way it’s used and the overall quality of the mattress. The lifespan of a futon mattress is generally long, even when it’s used daily. However, if you take good care of your futon mattress and use it regularly, you can quickly get at least five years out of it before needing to replace it.


Can You Sleep On A Futon Mattress Every Night?

Yes, sleeping on your mattress regularly is fine. Some recommend flipping the mattress periodically for extra comfort and to prolong its life. But to get better results and a perfect night’s sleep, you should choose a high-quality mattress and bed frame.

How Much Weight Can A Futon Bed Hold?

The weight capacity of a futon bed is different depending on the manufacturer. In general, a futon bed can comfortably support between 200 and 350 pounds. Some manufacturers will also specify the weight class, while others do not provide any information about this particular issue.

How Should I Store A Futon Mattress?

With the ability to fold up small enough to fit under most beds, futon mattresses are great for easy storage when space is limited. They also have a mattress that won’t ruin your back or neck like a traditional mattress, making them more comfortable than most other options on the market.

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