What Is A Purple Mattress

What Is A Purple Mattress Guide

Purple is a new company that wants to disrupt the mattress industry by creating purple mattresses. They want to change the way people think about mattresses by creating a purple mattress that can supposedly be good for you. That might sound like a tall order, but we think this company might be up to the challenge after reading through this review.

The best mattress for you is one that you find comfortable. If you’re looking for something that is both firm and soft, has some sort of cooling effect, and is also a good value, then you may be interested in the Purple mattress.

What Is A Purple Mattress Guide

Purple mattresses are designed to be the ultimate in comfort. As noted in the Purple mattress review, they use two types of foam, one of which has cooling properties, to give you a balanced sleeping surface that feels firm yet soft.

As a bonus, the mattress has a patented hyper-elastic polymer core, which gives it bounce. This makes it a great choice for those who are looking for a mattress that will accommodate upper body movement. 

Purple Mattress is a relatively new brand of mattresses that are designed to reduce pressure on your body and give you a more comfortable sleep. The idea is that by reducing pressure on parts of your body that are normally compressed during sleep, you will feel less pain and more refreshed when you awake.

A Purple mattress is a good mattress to buy if you are in the market for a quality mattress that a reputable company makes. A purple mattress is not the same as other mattresses available to you. The biggest difference is the way the mattress is constructed. 

What Is A Purple Mattress Guide

There are three layers typically found in a purple mattress; the top layer is a unique purple gel layer. The second layer is made of foam that acts as a foundation for the mattress. The third layer is a high-density base that provides a solid base for the mattress.

What Is A Purple Company

In the age of the internet and online shopping, buying a product has never been easier. This is especially true when it comes to mattresses. People from all over the world have the ability to purchase a mattress online, and the company, Purple Mattress Company, has taken full advantage of this trend. 

Purple is a relatively new company that was started in 2015 by brothers Tony and Terry Pearce.

This mattress is appropriately named, as it is purple in color, and that is not about the only unique thing about it.

What Makes The Purple Mattress So Special?

Purple Mattress is a relatively new entrant into the online mattress industry, but it’s already making a huge splash. The reason? Purple’s mattress is unique in that it uses hyper-elastic polymer gel (similar to that of memory foam) to create a surface that molds your body. This reduces pressure points and eliminates motion transfer, which means you’ll sleep soundly without waking up your partner.

Purple Mattress Features

Purple is a new and innovative mattress brand that is trying to shake up the established norms on what a mattress should be and how it should be marketed. 

While most mattress companies are selling their wares on a “one-size-fits-all” narrative, Purple has taken a different approach. As the name suggests, Purple Mattresses have a purple outer layer (which is made from a high-tech material called Hyper-Elastic Polymer). The company says it allows it to adjust to your body shape and weight distribution through the night.

Purple’s most notable selling point is the integrated set of the mattress cover, a special fabric layer, and a grid-like foam layer that is designed to provide optimal air circulation and cooling.

Firmness Level

The Purple mattress is a mattress that promises to be comfortable, good firm, and has many other features. It is a mattress that is popular with customers. It is one of the best-rated mattress companies.

Purple Mattress Firmness Level

The purple mattress is a medium-firm mattress, which means that it will give you a soft feeling compared to a firm mattress. A purple mattress has great support for your back. It also has great support for your spine.


Purple mattresses are one of the few mattress companies to sell whole mattress sets. The Purple Mattress is a semi-firm mattress, which means it will give you a nice balance of support and cushioning. This mattress is designed to give you the support you need to wake up feeling refreshed but with enough cushioning to make lying down on the bed a pleasant experience. 

Motion Isolation

The purple mattress is a mattress that has great motion isolation. This is very important for a good night’s sleep. Motion isolation means that much less motion will be transferred to the person sleeping beside you.

Edge Support

There are many types of mattresses out there, but few of them are as unique as the Purple. The Purple has a uniquely cool design made with hyper-elastic polymer: while it might look like a hybrid between memory foam and a latex mattress, it actually combines the best of both worlds. 

The Purple is both conforming and bouncy, which makes for a wonderfully relaxing experience. The Purple is also built with a constant support level from edge to edge, and it offers great pressure relief for both partners.

Temperature Regulation

The Purple cooling mattress is a breakthrough product. It utilizes the latest technology to create a cooling effect that is achieved by allowing air to circulate freely through the top portion of the mattress, while the bottom portion is a gel layer that is slightly more dense and creates a slight amount of pressure when laying down. The result is the perfect balance of pressure and coolness, reducing the heat your body naturally produces to get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep Position

The Purple® mattress is the first and only bed that uses our patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ technology. This unique polymer material allows for independent movement of each layer to allow the body to sink and contour to the perfect position while providing the perfect amount of resistance. The result is great for any type of sleeper: back, stomach, side, and everything in between.

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