Ikea Hesstun Mattress

Ikea Hesstun Mattress Review

Most people have no idea what to look for when buying a new mattress. The process is actually quite simple, but it requires you to learn a few things about the mattress industry in order to get the best price. 

The most important thing to remember about buying a new mattress is that you should never buy a mattress just based on price.

IKEA is a Swedish home products company that also makes mattresses.

As one of the most popular furniture brands in North America, Ikea is known for offering its customers a wide array of furniture designed for every room of the house at affordable prices. 

Ikea Hesstun Mattress Review

Despite Ikea’s reputation for offering a wide array of products, one often overlooked product is the Ikea mattresses. 

As with other Ikea furniture, the Ikea mattresses are affordable but also durable and can serve the needs of sleepers of all shapes and sizes.

Ikea’s mattresses are popular with the younger demographics due to the fact they are often priced lower than other mattresses from other retailers. They also come with a 25-year guarantee, which is more than many mattresses can offer. 

Why Choose Ikea Hesstun Mattress?

While a bed is the focal point of any bedroom, the mattress you sleep on is just as important to your night’s rest. You spend about a third of your life sleeping, so it’s important to choose a mattress that offers both comfort and support throughout the night. 

The Ikea Hesstun Mattress offers a great amount of both, as well as a price that’s hard to beat.

Why Choose Ikea Hesstun Mattress?

As an added bonus, the Hesstun comes in a variety of sizes, so finding one that fits your bed frame shouldn’t be a problem. The different options will also allow you to choose the firmness that works best for you.

Choosing the right mattress is a big decision. It’s a big investment, too. That’s why you need to be sure you’re making the best choice for your needs. The Hesstun mattress by Swedish furniture giant Ikea is a budget-friendly option that still holds up after years of use. 

The Ikea Hesstun mattress is a hot-seller, and many people have marveled at how this mattress can be so affordable and still be the most comfortable mattress they have ever slept on. But is the Ikea Hesstun mattress right for you? 

We answer that question and provide a detailed review of this mattress right here.

Mattress Construction

Ikea’s Hesstun mattress is a high-quality product that is produced using the latest technology and is a worthy addition to any bedroom. The main selling point of the Hesstun is its unique construction. 

Ikea Hesstun Mattress Construction

An innovative coil system provides optimal support for the body, while memory foam helps to improve the quality of your sleep. For those who are looking for a high-quality mattress at a reasonable price, the Hesstun should be at the top of your list.


The price range ranges from $499 to $649, depending on the size.


The Hesstun is a mattress you can easily move, no matter how much it weighs. This is a great feature for anyone planning on moving the mattress on a regular basis.

The Hesstun is also available in a wide range of sizes. It can be purchased in King, Queen, and Full sizes. 

Length: 74 3/8 “Width: 53 1/8 “Thickness: 12 5/8 “Length: 79 1/2 “Width: 59 7/8 “Thickness: 12 5/8 “Length: 79 1/2 “Width: 76 “Thickness: 12 5/8 “


The Ikea Hesstun mattress is available in three different firmness levels to help you find the level that best suits you. The firm version provides a very solid base layer, with very little sinkage. 

This is great if you prefer a firm sleeping surface that doesn’t allow you to sink in too much, but if you’re a stomach sleeper who likes sinking into their mattress a bit this might be too hard. 

Ikea Hesstun Mattress Firmness

The medium-firm version is a great compromise, offering enough support so that you won’t sink in as much as the firm version, but being soft enough that you can still easily adjust your sleeping position throughout the night. 

Finally, the plush version is best suited to those who prefer a soft and squishy sleeping surface.

It is important to understand that firm and soft are subjective terms. You may prefer a very firm mattress, but someone else may not. You may like a mattress that is soft, but it might be too soft for someone else.

Edge support

Good edge support is another thing that you have to consider when you’re thinking about getting a mattress. If you tend to sleep on the edge of your bed, you’ll need to make sure the mattress you’re buying is going to support your body weight and not collapse under it. 

The Hesstun has a heavy-duty edge support system, which means it’s the perfect fit for anyone who plans on sitting or sleeping on the edge of the mattress.

Support & Comfort

When you’re searching for a mattress, more than likely, you’re looking for a good night’s sleep and a healthy back. Ikea Hesstun Mattress can give you both. The mattress features a combination of pocket springs and memory foam to get the right balance of comfort and support.

Motion Isolation

The Hesstun mattress is the type of mattress that lasts for an extended period. The mattress gives good motion isolation.

And some people are not aware of it, but motion isolation is actually one of the most important features of a mattress. It is commonly defined as the extent to which you can move on the bed without disrupting the other person sleeping next to you. 

Ikea Hesstun Mattress Motion Isolation

And although it is much more prevalent in memory foam mattresses, it is still very much a feature that you should not ignore, as it is a very valuable thing to have. At least, that is the case with the IKEA Hesstun mattress, which was constructed with this thing in mind.

Sleeping Style on Ikea Hesstun

Side sleepers

You’ve heard that it’s best to sleep on your side to avoid backaches and other aches, but have you considered what type of mattress is best for sleeping on your side? It might not be the one that you think!

The study revealed that a plush bed is the best choice for people who prefer to sleep on their side. This type of mattress is soft and slightly springy, which cradles you and supports your body as you reposition yourself throughout the night. It also returns quickly to its original shape, in case you move too aggressively and awaken.

Sleeping Style on Ikea Hesstun

Stomach and Back sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach and back is best on the Ikea Hesstun. This mattress has a medium-firm and firm model and is ideal for stomach sleepers, who often prefer a firmer mattress. The more firm a mattress is, the better it will hold your spine in alignment. If you have back pain, a firmer mattress may help. 


What makes the Ikea Hesstun mattress so special?

The Ikea Hesstun mattress is a relatively new mattress, but it’s already gaining a lot of fans – and for a good reason! The Hesstun mattress is built to give you the best night’s rest you’ve ever had, with a unique foam layer that conforms to your body for maximum comfort. 
One of the best reasons to purchase an Ikea mattress is the price.

What is the warranty of an Ikea Hesstun mattress?

Many people are surprised to learn that the Swedish furniture company Ikea offers a 25-year warranty on all its mattresses (and box springs, frames, and foundations). 
This makes Ikea one of the leaders in the field of mattress warranties, and it means that consumers can buy with confidence, knowing that they can have their mattress replaced if there is a problem that can be traced back to the original manufacturing. This is a lot of peace of mind, especially when it comes to the more expensive mattresses that Ikea sells.

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