How To Transport A Mattress

How To Transport A Mattress

Sometimes transporting a mattress is unavoidable. Maybe you’ll be moving to a new place and need to take the old mattress with you, or maybe your old mattress has seen better days and needs replacing. Whatever the reason, it’s always best practice to safely transport your bed by ensuring that you secure it properly to avoid any problems during transport.

That’s where this article comes in! Here is a guide for how to transport a mattress with as little fuss as possible. It’ll take a few hours, but it’s worth it!

How To Transport A Mattress

Things Needed For Transporting A Mattress

Before you start the process, you may need some tools for moving the mattress. It’s best to transport the mattress with a hand truck or dolly and a low-profile mattress bag, so it doesn’t take up too much space. You also need to make sure that you have all the materials necessary for this process. 

Here is the list of items you need:

Mattress Bag

A mattress bag is the easiest way to transport a mattress both safely and securely. Each mattress comes with its own enclosed bag which protects it from harm while being transported. This is essential when you are moving your mattress, as you don’t want the mattress getting old or damaged in transit if possible (especially if it’s an expensive brand name product).

Mattress Bag

Dolly Or Hand Truck

Most people tend to use a large-sized dolly to transport their mattress, and it works well for this purpose. However, for transporting tall items like a mattress, having a dolly that can be adjusted in height is very handy and can make moving the mattress around easier.

Dolly Or Hand Truck

To ensure your item of furniture doesn’t tip over when being moved about, it’s best to use a dolly with legs to keep the chassis on even surfaces. A hand truck is another good alternative to a traditional dolly, as it’s one which can hold more weight than most but still be lightweight for easy transport use.

Ratchet Tie Down Strap

When you’re moving your mattress from one place to another, there are many risks involved that you need to be aware of. For example, if you’re not careful when moving the mattress from one place to another, it could fall off your hand truck or dolly and onto the ground, which is an accident waiting to happen.

Ratchet Tie Down Strap

To prevent this from happening and ensure that your mattress arrives at its new location safely, make sure that you secure it using a non-slip ratchet tie-down strap. This will keep your mattress firmly in place on the dolly or hand truck so that it doesn’t tip over.

Nylon Rope

Another helpful tool to transport a mattress with is a nylon rope which you can use to tie your bed up to the hand truck or dolly securely. This nylon rope is especially useful if you need a tighter bond between the mattress and the dolly or hand truck because it won’t loosen easily.

Nylon Rope


When you’re transporting your mattress, it helps to be prepared for possible spills that may occur during transportation. Cardboard also has other uses for this process, such as using it as a barrier to keep your mattress from being damaged from items that may be rolling around in your car during transport. Its small size means you can store more of them as well.


Sandwich Bags

When transporting your mattress, it’s best to be well prepared for any spills or accidents that may occur. To help you prepare for possible accidents, make sure that you bring a supply of sandwich bags with you. They can be used to package up any spillages or liquid which may happen during transport so that they don’t cause any damage to the mattress itself.

How To Transport A Mattress: 5 Proven Steps

How you transport your mattress depends on whether it’s a twin-sized mattress or a king-sized mattress. 

Generally speaking, however, there are several key steps involved in moving and transporting a mattress around:

Put Your Mattress Into The Mattress Bag

First and foremost, the first thing you need to do is put your mattress inside its mattress bag. If this is a twin-sized mattress, you’ll need to insert it into a twin-sized mattress bag. You can also use a more sized mattress bag if you have one of these, although in this case, the measurements of the bag need to be slightly smaller so that it fits correctly.

Clear A Path

Next, before you start transporting the mattress, it helps to clear a path first. This is because the bed may need to be moved through tight corners or corridors, which means that there needs to be enough space to pass through these areas.

Lift And Load The Mattress To A Vehicle

Once the path has been cleared, you can now load up your mattress into your car or van, which will transport it from one place to another. Ensure that you lift the bed onto your hand truck or dolly to ensure that it doesn’t tip over to one side.

Secure The Mattress

Once the mattress is loaded into your car, you can now secure it using a non-slip ratchet tie-down strap to keep it in place on the dolly or hand truck. Simply wrap the strap around the mattress in three different places: one at each end of the bed and one in the middle to ensure that it will stay in place when moving.

Drive Slowly

When driving to the new location of your mattress, you need to ensure that you drive slowly to prevent any accidents from occurring.


Can You Fold A Mattress For Transport?

You can fold a mattress for transport, but be aware that this process could damage the fabric and compromise its long-term durability.

Will A Double Mattress Fit In A Car?

The double mattress wouldn’t fit most cars because it has huge dimensions. To ensure that you can transport such mattresses in your vehicle, you need to measure the mattress and car’s internal size first.

Can You Fold Mattress In Half?

Yes, you can fold the 5-inch thick mattress in half. But it’s not recommended to leave the mattress folded for more than 1-2 weeks to avoid deformation.

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