How To Tie A Mattress To A Car

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car

If you’re looking for a practical way to move your mattress, then this article is for you! There are many different circumstances in which it may be necessary to tie your mattress on top of your car, for example, when moving house or transporting an old or broken bed frame.

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car

There are many ways to tie a mattress, but we think that the most efficient one is using ratchet straps. However, many other things need to be done before tying a bed onto a car. This article will explore what these preparations are and how they can make it easier for you to tie your mattress on top of your car.

Things You May Need To Tie A Mattress To A Car

Without a doubt, the most important thing you will need is a thick plastic bag. This will be used to cover the unsecured mattress from unwanted weather. It will also keep your car clean, as you will be able to throw it away afterward easily. Keep reading to learn more about things to tie a mattress to a car.

A Thick Plastic Bag

To make a mattress secure to the roof of your car, you will first need a thick plastic bag. There is no need for a waterproof one, as it will not be exposed to water. You want a thick one that has handles on the corners so that you can tie it over your mattress.

 Thick Plastic Mattress Bag

Ratchet Straps

A ratchet strap is an attachment device for hanging heavier objects from the top of your car. This allows you to secure your mattress safely without damaging or scratching it during transport and storage.

Ratchet Straps


Suspending your mattress from the roof of your car is an excellent way to get it out of sight and to save you time during a move. You will need a thick, durable rope so that it can be strung through the ratchet straps.


How To Tie A Mattress To A Car: 4 Simple Steps

The following steps will show you how to tie a mattress securely to the top of your car without damaging your car or mattress. At no point should you attempt this without proper training and experience, as any damage caused could leave you with an expensive repair job or worse – a destroyed car!

Cover Your Mattress

Begin by placing your mattress in the middle of the car. Cover it with a thick plastic bag, tying it on all four corners. This will protect your vehicle from getting dirty and keep the mattress secure during transport.

Use Duct Tape

After covering the mattress, you will need to secure it in your vehicle. This is best done with duct tape. Stick some across the length of your bed and then up to each side of it so that it is secured to the roof of your car.

Load It On The Car

To load a mattress on top of a car, you will need another person to help you hold it steady while you attach one side, then move around and do the same for the other side. As with loading any object onto a roof, ensure that nothing is directly above where it will be situated. This can cause damage to both things – avoid putting anything important in front of its entrance or underneath its exit point.

Secure The Mattress With Ratchet Straps

Once you are sure that your mattress is secure, make sure it is safe by using your ratchet strap to make it secure. You will want to attach the ratchet strap just above the mattress, then pull the two ends to create a tight tension around the mattress and roof of your car. Once you have pulled it as tight as possible, use duct tape to ensure that it does not work loose over time.


Is It Safe To Tie A Mattress To A Car?

Yes, it is safe to tie a mattress to the roof of your car. You can do this by strapping the bed down with multiple layers of rope or bungee cords. The straps need to be placed strategically so that they are not too loose or too tight and can’t be undone with one quick pull. Be careful while driving in order to avoid having the mattress slide off of the car.

How Do You Tie Up A Mattress?

When you’re transporting a mattress, the last thing you want is for your car to be damaged. To prevent this, use the safety straps to tie the bed securely to your car and cut a small slit in one of the straps so that it can go around the support bar of your vehicle. This will help protect you from any damage caused by slipping on either side of your car.

How Long Should A Mattress Remain Folded During Transport?

A mattress folded for transport should not be stored this way for more than a couple of hours. The creases in the mattress from the folding will be permanent once the mattress has been unfolded.

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