How To Pack A Memory Foam Mattress

How To Pack A Memory Foam Mattress

The process of packing a memory foam mattress moves quite slowly and deliberately. You don’t want to risk any damage to the mattress that you worked so hard on buying. Plus, it’s a lot more work than simply throwing clothes in a suitcase and moving around. 

There are several steps involved, but we’ve got you covered with this helpful guide on how to pack your memory foam mattress for relocation or storage, whichever the case may be!

How To Pack A Memory Foam Mattress

Get Necessary Materials First

Now that you’ve deleted your old mattress, then it’s time to get that new mattress ready for moving. Before you start packing and preparing your memory foam mattress for moving, there are a few things you need to prepare.

Mattress Bag

Get the right mattress bag to protect your memory foam mattress from damage, dirt, and other unwanted elements that may interfere with your move.

You can find them online or in any local furniture store that sells memory foam mattresses. Also, be sure to check the bag’s specifications before you buy since not all memory foam mattresses are the same size and shape!

Mattress Bag

Ratchet Straps

You may need to secure the mattress to a vehicle for moving. You can use ratcheting strapping for this because it’s adjustable, strong, and comes in a handy carrying pouch that allows you to strap down your mattress securely without much effort.

Once you’ve strapped down the memory foam mattress, it will be safe even if you hit a bumpy road. You can get these ratchet straps at any major hardware store.

Ratchet Straps For Mattress

Duct Tape

Although seemingly redundant, duct tape is an inexpensive yet effective way of preventing your memory foam mattress from getting dirty during a move. If you need to move your mattress up and down multiple flights of stairs, it’s a cheap way to ensure that you don’t get unwanted dirt from hitting your new mattress. Just secure the mattress bag with duct tape and no worry about its safety.

Vacuum Bag

Vacuum bags are designed specifically for moving mattresses or pillows. They seal the mattress in a plastic bag with an airtight seal so that any leftover dirt inside is temporarily trapped for the duration of the move. It takes minimal effort to set up and works best if you move across town or into another residential house.

Vacuum Bag For Mattress

Vacuum Cleaner

You don’t need a high-powered vacuum cleaner to pack your memory foam mattress, and you certainly don’t want to destroy the poor thing during the process. A simple, average vacuum will suffice just fine for this purpose. Make sure its hose is long enough so that you can reach all sides of the mattress.

How To Pack A Memory Foam Mattress: 4 Proven Steps

Now that your mattress is ready for moving, it’s time for some packing action! These four steps will help you get it done quickly and efficiently without damaging your memory foam mattress.

Remove The Bedding And Pillows

You don’t need all your old bedding and pillows until you’ve moved your mattress into its new home! Be sure to detach the sheets before you begin because it will be a lot easier to move the mattress once you have removed the entire bedding from your bed.

Put The Mattress Into Bag And Turn On The Vacuum

Put your memory foam mattress into its new bag, turn on the vacuum cleaner and remove all the air from the bag. In this way, you will deflate the mattress in the bag and seal it.

Roll It Up

Using a vacuum bag will make it easier to roll up your memory foam mattress. You can roll it up from the shorter side of the bed until you reach the end. The vacuum bag will help keep your mattress intact during this process and prevent any unwanted dirt from getting into the rolled mattress.

Strap It Up

Now that your mattress has been sealed in a vacuum bag, then it’s time to strap it down securely so that it doesn’t move around in the vehicle during transport! Be sure to use ratchet straps for this purpose because it is an inexpensive way of securing your memory foam mattress while moving or storing it for an extended period without damaging it.


Can You Fold A Memory Foam Mattress?

Yes, it can be done without too much difficulty. However, you’ll need to do it carefully and slowly to avoid damaging the foam or springs inside. Make sure that the covers are removed before folding.

How Do You Pack A Foam Mattress For Moving?

The foam mattress is light and easy to transport, but it also needs some special attention when you are packing it for moving. Many of the methods used for packing a traditional bed will work just as well.
But there are two things that you need to pay close attention to wrapping the mattress in plastic and waterproofing the top of the bed with polyethylene wrap. Once your work has been completed, use straps to keep your cargo safe during transit.

Does Folding A Memory Foam Mattress Damage It?

Memory foam cannot be damaged when folded or rolled. The same rules apply to all types of mattresses, so don’t fret! Folding the memory foam mattress wouldn’t damage its structure. When you unfold it, the mattress will return to its standard shape.

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