How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Firmer

How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Firmer

A person’s sleeping habits are essential when buying a new bed, as mattresses come with different degrees of firmness depending on how much one enjoys waking up feeling refreshed in the morning. In this article, we will discuss how to make a memory foam mattress firmer by using seven tips that can help overcome problems such as difficulty rolling over while sleeping and overall comfort or lack thereof.

How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Firmer

Benefits Of A Firm Memory Foam Mattress

If you are having problems getting up in the morning despite your best efforts, it may be time to consider a mattress that provides more support and is firmer. 

Benefits Of A Firm Memory Foam Mattress

There are many benefits to buying a firmer memory foam mattress, including:

More Resting

A memory foam mattress is one of the types of mattresses that keep their shape longer throughout the night and can more effectively support your body shape. This means that you will feel better rested when you wake up, with fewer aches and pains from having been on a bed that does not properly support your weight all night long.

Better Sleep

A firm memory foam mattress provides a much more supportive feel than spring to help you relax. This is why many people prefer memory foam over a spring bed. In addition, although it may not feel as soft as other types of mattresses, the memory foam does provide better comfort, so you will be less likely to wake up from the bed feeling stiff and sore.

How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Firmer: 7 Useful Tips

Following these helpful steps, you have an opportunity to make your memory foam mattress firmer and more comfortable for night sleep.

Flip A Mattress

Flipping a mattress is one of the easiest ways to make a memory foam mattress firmer since you will be able to renew the feel of the bed by turning it over and breaking up any kinks or depressions that may have developed over time.

Simply turn it upside down. This will make it feel like a new bed, which can significantly affect comfort levels, especially in households where all family members use the same mattress.

How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Firmer: Flip A Mattress

Buy A Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattresses tend to be softer than other types of beds. This means that some people may want a memory foam mattress to be more comfortable when they sleep at night, as memory foam beds are heavier and less bouncy, so to speak, than many other mattress types. A mattress topper can help by providing extra firmness so that the bed will feel more like what you can get with a spring or a coil mattress.

How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Firmer: Buy A Mattress Topper

Replace The Box Spring Or Platform

Your current bed foundation can make a memory foam mattress feel especially soft, so it may be a good idea to replace the box spring or platform on your bed. This could help provide the firmness you want on your bed without having a memory foam mattress and providing its layers of support, thus resulting in an overall more comfortable night’s sleep. 

Add Extra Support Under The Mattress

If you have a mattress that is not well-supported underneath it, it can also leave you feeling less comfortable. Try adding an extra layer of foam or some pieces of plywood underneath the bed to give it more support. This can be done by purchasing a layer of memory foam that you can place under your memory foam mattress. 

How To Make A Memory Foam Mattress Firmer: Add Extra Support Under The Mattress

You will want to purchase the memory foam or plywood in a specific thickness so that it will provide good support beneath the bed while still allowing your memory foam mattress to give ample support to your body shape and weight.

Beware Of Moisture

Another thing you may have to consider when trying to make a memory foam mattress firmer because it will be more likely to absorb moisture, which can make a mattress softer. This issue will not necessarily be a deal-breaker if your memory foam bed has a moisture barrier cover underneath. Still, if this is not the case, you may want to take extra precautions by ensuring that the bed has proper venting and that there is no excess moisture left on your mattress after each use.

Maintain A Room Temperature

The temperature may also affect the way your memory foam mattress feels. This means that you should try to keep the room temperature constant at night to provide a good sleeping environment, as varying temperatures can lead to a soft feeling on the bed instead of the firm one that most people prefer.

Change The Mattress

Over time, a memory foam mattress will lose its firm feeling and become spongy in many parts of the bed. This means that you will need to check the mattress frequently for this issue and replace it if needed. Newer memory foam mattresses tend to be thicker, so they may last longer than ones made from older materials.


Is A Firm Mattress Better For Your Back?

A firm mattress is better for your back. Many people may think this is a myth, but the truth is that a firm mattress has less pressure on the body, which means it can stretch and give you less back pain.
Another reason why a firmer mattress could be better for your back is because of the weight distribution between your hips and shoulders. If you are prone to back pain, it’s always best to sleep on a firm mattress during the night.

How Do I Choose The Right Mattress Firmness?

Firmness refers to the pressure on your body as you sleep. There are different categories of firmness, from soft to firm.
– Soft. These mattresses feel soft when you lie down on them and are supportive enough to prevent tossing and turning during sleep. Some people prefer these mattresses because they tend to stay cool, but they will allow more movement than others.
– Medium. This is what most of us are used to. These mattresses provide optimal support and comfort for most sleepers. They are soft when you lie down but take shape as you adjust to your sleeping position, which reduces tossing and turning.
– Firm. These mattresses are great for people who enjoy the feeling of firmness and like to sleep in one position. These mattresses also tend to stay cooler than others.

Is Firm Mattress Ok For Stomach Sleepers?

A firm mattress is one of the best choices if you sleep on your stomach because it does not contain any springs which can make you uncomfortable. It also helps you to remain in the same position all night which will keep your spine aligned and promote uninterrupted sleep. This is why a firm mattress is one of the best choices for stomach sleepers.

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