How To Cut A Foam Mattress

How To Cut A Foam Mattress

Suppose you’re finally ready to cut a memory foam mattress but are hesitant to take the plunge because your old bed is still in good shape; fear not! We’ve got everything you need for an epic DIY project that doesn’t involve a big purchase.

How To Cut A Foam Mattress

All you need is to determine the size of a new mattress and choose proper cutting tools for this action. This post will show you how to transform an old bed into a modern, plushy new one with these simple steps.

What Can You Use To Cut A Memory Foam Mattress?

There are many ways to cut a memory foam mattress, but none will work as well as an electric knife. This handy tool is handy for cutting pliable foam that’s too hard for an ordinary blade to handle. 

It functions just like a sharpening stone or hone and can even create new foam from scratch. But if you don’t have this appliance on hand, just keep reading to learn what tools can be used for cutting the mattress.

Electric Knife

Electric knives are perfect for cutting and carving through even the thickest foam mattresses, giving you a sleek and smooth edge every time. The biggest advantage to using this tool is that it’s easy to use; just flick the switch and watch it glide through the foam with ease.

Electric Knife

Electric knives can vary in price, but if you’re looking for a great value without too much of a sacrifice on quality, you might want to check out our favorite electric knife.

Carving Knife

Carving knives are another excellent option for cutting through a memory foam mattress. The blade is curved to allow for an easy, smooth cut, and the tip is curved so you can get into tight corners. As with electric knives, carving knives come in a wide range of prices but tend to be more affordable than electric knives.

Carving Knife

Craft Knife

Craft knives are great cutting tools if you’re working with a lower budget or aren’t sure how you’ll like cutting your current mattress yet. These blades are quite thin compared to the previous two options and won’t perform as well when cutting through thick foam or soft handmade mattresses.

Craft Knife

Extra-Large Scissors

These scissors are great for cutting through the thicker foam, and the larger size allows you to cut more evenly. When it comes to foam cutting, these are a great first option because they can cut any type of mattress without damaging or weakening it.

Extra-Large Scissors

Long Serrated Bread Knife

This serrated bread knife is another great option for cutting and slicing foam. It’s long and thick enough to cut through any type of mattress, but it also has a serrated edge to help you avoid creating a jagged edge when carving an opening in your mattress.

Long Serrated Bread Knife

How To Cut A Foam Mattress In 6 Easy Steps

Take A Cover Off

You’ll want to start by taking the cover off of the mattress you want to cut up. This helps to save the cover and use it further for your new resized mattress.

Place A Mattress To A Firm Surface

Next, ensure that you place your mattress on a firm surface, such as a tabletop or bed frame. This will help prevent slippage and use extra pressure so that your knife won’t slip during the cutting process.

Determine The Dimensions You Need

It’s essential to determine beforehand what dimensions you’ll need for the cut you’re going to make to have the foam mattress fit into the space you’ve allotted for it. This will prevent a struggle while cutting and figuring out exactly how much needs to be cut off. Tools for measuring can vary, but typically a yardstick is helpful for larger cuts, while a tape measure is helpful for smaller cuts.

Cut The Mattress With A Knife Or Scissors

Now, when making that first cut, one of two things might happen. Either your knife will slice right through the foam with little difficulty, or it will stick and require extra pressure to make progress. In either of the scenarios, you’ll need to go back and forth with your knife to make a clean cut.

Trim The Excess Pieces

You’ll then need to cut the edges of the foam mattress so that it’s uniform. This will help keep your bed from taking on awkward sofa-like shapes and protect your mattress from any sharp pieces or pieces of foam in the process. If you’re using scissors, you’ll want to trim off any extra pieces that may have come out and left unwanted gaps after cutting. Again, these should be trimmed off before looking at the remainder of the cut.

Cover The Resized Mattress

When you’ve cut the foam mattress the size you need, it’s time to cover it up. This will help to make it more presentable at a later point. One way to do this is with a sheet or old blanket, but you may want to find something more attractive, like your bedding set or comforter. Always remember to be careful when covering a mattress not to leave any wrinkles or areas not covered for your bed to fit perfectly into its new space.


Can You Cut A Mattress To Make It Smaller?

Cutting a mattress to make it smaller is not worth the trouble. For example, a queen-sized mattress can be cut in half to make 2 twin-sized mattresses or even 1 king-size mattress with room for sheets, etc.

How Do You Cut A Mattress?

The most obvious way to cut a mattress is with a knife. This cutting method is the fastest and easiest, but it can be difficult if your knife isn’t sharp enough. You should also consider using scissors, but this is not recommended if you’re not skilled in the use of scissors. If you have access to a heavy-duty utility knife, even better!

Can You Cut A King Memory Foam Mattress In Half?

Yes, you can cut a king memory foam mattress in half. You need to ensure that the mattress is totally flat first. You will then need to cut the mattress in half in a straight line using a knife. This way, you’ll save some money on shipping and making your new bed from scratch!

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