How To Break In A Mattress

How To Break In A Mattress

There is a common misconception that mattresses are supposed to be comfortable from the very first minute you use them. I’m here to tell you otherwise. You see, mattresses need time to regain their original shape after being compressed for months and years in a warehouse and on the road. Breaking them in is quite simple if you know what needs to be done. Read on to learn how to break in a mattress and enjoy the miracle of comfort immediately.

How To Break In A Mattress

Why Do You Need To Break In A Mattress?

The body needs time to adjust to the shape and firmness of a new mattress. This means that when you lie down on your brand new bed, it takes some time for the body’s muscles to become used to sleeping in a new place. It’s like that awkward first date. You have not been on one before, so you need some time to get used to each other.

How Long Does It Take To Break In A Mattress?

It will take approximately 30 to 90 days for a new mattress to fully regain its shape after being compressed for so long during transportation. However, it usually takes about one week for the mattress to become usable as opposed to uncomfortable. But you cannot just go ahead and start sleeping on your new mattress right away. You need to know how to break into a bed properly first.

Ways To Break In A Mattress

There are four main ways to help your mattress regain its shape.

Let The Mattress Fully Expand

Mattresses come compressed. That means that they are stored in a warehouse until they are shipped to your store for purchase. Then they need to be expanded and finally set up in your new home.

Ways To Break In A Mattress

They are delivered in a box and immediately placed on the floor. This process of moving, repacking, and unpacking takes up time and causes a lot of stress on the mattress. The more you move it around, the more the body’s muscles get used to sleeping on it. Your body will adjust faster if you let the mattress fully expand for some days.

Air It Out

Laying on a mattress that has not been used for an extended period is quite uncomfortable. The body needs to get used to the new mattress before you can actually sleep on it. You can speed up the process if you let the body get used to it. Stretching out and walking on your bed with the air circulation going through it will help your mattress regain its shape faster.

Warm It Up

Another way to speed up the process is by warming up your new mattress before you sleep on it for the first time. You can do this by placing your mattress in a warm room for about an hour before using it to sleep.

Consider The Frame

You may not notice, but the frame on which your mattress sits may also affect how long it takes to break in your new mattress. A sturdy frame will help give your new mattress a stable surface to lay on. This makes it easier for your body to adjust.

Customize The Break-In Process

Mattress Types

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are among the most popular on the market today. They have a more customized feel since they will mold to every part of your body. Moreover, they do not require very long to break in because of their natural state.

When memory foam comes out of its compressed state, it immediately expands and molds into its new shape. This is why it takes a memory foam mattress less time to regain its shape than other mattresses on the market today.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are among the most expensive on the market. They are also among the most comfortable since they come with a firm yet comfortable feel. An innerspring mattress takes less than two weeks to regain its shape since it is supported by the support springs.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses do not need much time to break in since they are durable and tough when they leave the factory. They are among the most comfortable on the market today and require little time to break-in. A new latex mattress is ready to be used almost right away after being delivered. Latex mattresses do not bend under pressure, which makes them more durable than their counterparts.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses are a bit harder to break in than other types. They take more time to regain their shape compared to memory foam and latex mattresses. This may be because of the hybrid material they are made of.

Hybrid mattresses usually have a type of memory foam that serves as a supportive base layer and has an additional layer containing an individual polymer that molds faster than its counterparts because it is more responsive to temperature variations.


How Do You Break In A Mattress That Is Too Firm?

How do you break in a mattress that is too firm?
Mattresses can be hard to break in, but this doesn’t necessarily spell disaster. There are a few things you can do before giving up on your new bed, including: 
– Rotate the mattress every few days for 4-6 weeks. 
– Add a topper like memory foam or hypoallergenic material.
– Air the mattress out.

Is A New Mattress Uncomfortable?

A new mattress can be uncomfortable if it is different than what you are used to. It can be too firm to sleep on when just purchased. In this case, you need to break in the mattress using valuable tips and tricks for each mattress type.

Can You Sleep On A New Mattress Straight Away?

Yes, you can sleep on a new mattress straight away. The new mattress should provide a comfortable and stable sleeping environment for both the person and their partner. There might be some minor discomforts, such as the initial bounce in the bed, but overall this shouldn’t last too long. After some minor adjustment to the new mattress, it will turn into a more restful sleep experience than before! 

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