How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last Guide

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, one of the most important things to consider is durability and lifespan. After all, not many people are down for buying a new mattress every year or two. But memory foam mattresses aren’t like your grandfather’s old spring coil: with proper care, they can last for 10-15 years.

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last

We’ve put together this list of everything you need to know about memory foam mattress longevity, including what it is, how to determine its durability and lifespan, the typical lifetime expectancy of a memory foam mattress, how to extend its life by rotating between sleeping on it in different positions and occasionally cleaning it.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam was first developed by NASA in the 1960s as a material that would provide astronauts with increased protection and comfort. But after some time, it became clear that this material has great potential and can be used for creating mattresses whose main feature is to “remember” the contours of your body when you lay down and adjust itself to give you maximum support.

How To Determine Mattress Durability And Lifespan

What Is Memory Foam?

There are a few factors which you should consider when shopping for memory foam mattress durability and lifespan: density, layer thickness, ILD, warranty. Let’s explore each of them.


When describing the density, they usually refer to the weight of one cubic foot of the material. It is not so important for memory foam mattresses as you are going to sleep at the top layer on top of it, but for other materials – it is very important. For instance, in latex mattresses, density ranges from about 30 lbs/cubic ft to 200 lbs/cubic ft.

Indentation Load Deflection (ILD)

ILD stands for Indentation Load Deflection and measures how easy it will be to indent the material or put an impression into it when laying your body on top. The higher the ILD is, the longer it will be to indent it. For memory foam mattresses, density and ILD play a huge role in determining the mattress’s durability and lifespan.

Layer Thickness

More layers memory foam mattress has – longer it will be to wear out. If you are looking for a bed that will last, be sure to buy a mattress with more layers of memory foam on top without any additional substances like latex.

Mattress Warranty

Most manufacturers offer a 5-10 years warranty. It means that they are sure of their product and guarantee its quality for at least a few years after buying it. This is a good sign. 

Common Memory Foam Mattress Lifespan

Most memory foam mattress manufacturers promise that their mattress will last for 10-15 years which is correct if you do not take into consideration the fact that memory foam mattresses, especially cheap ones, tend to sag and sink in the middle, making them less durable and causing the need to replace it earlier than 10-15 years. An excellent way to determine the durability of memory foam mattresses is ILD (see above) – higher ILD means better durability.

How To Extend The Life Of A Memory Foam Mattress

Foundation And Support

The best way to extend the life of memory foam mattresses and save wear and tear is to purchase a good quality foundation with several inches thick memory foam layers on top. Also, it is a good idea to place the mattress on top of a supportive high-density memory foam base. 

Foundation And Support For A Memory Foam Mattress

In addition, if your bed frame has cut-outs for storage chests, use them to keep the mattress from sagging in the middle. At this time, it is not necessary to cut out any foam from the foundation or eliminate any support pillars: we are talking about just the normal aging process only – do not fight against it.


Ensure that both surfaces of the mattress get an equal amount of use which helps with even wear and prolongs the lifespan of a memory foam mattress. You can quickly flip your mattress over and rotate it 180 degrees, exposing both of its surfaces for use. But this method is only about flippable mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress Rotating

Regular Cleaning

To extend the life of a memory foam mattress, you should regularly clean it from dust and other substances which collect on top. You do not need to buy special products for cleaning – just use soap or other cleaning materials. Therefore, it is important to occasionally clean your memory foam mattress by using specialized solutions or those designed for cleaning microfiber couches.

Memory Foam Mattress Regular Cleaning


What Is The Lifespan Of A Memory Foam Mattress?

The lifespan of a memory foam mattress is about 10-15 years. This period may vary depending on how it is cared for and what type of materials it’s made from.

Does Memory Foam Mattress Wear Out?

Like any other product, memory foam mattresses wear out during the time. They can deteriorate because of their use; heat, dust mites, and spills contribute to the breakdown of materials inside the mattress. But because of a high-destiny material inside, these products last longer than other mattresses.

How Do You Know When Your Mattress Needs Replacing?

Certain signs indicate whether your current one needs to be replaced:
1. Feel: Newer memory foam mattresses tend to feel firmer than older ones; if yours has lost its shape or feels “sinky,” then you may need a new one. If your bed is sinking or flipping over during the night, it probably needs replacing. 
2. Cover: If your cover is loose, torn, or uncomfortable, it may not be protected by the mattress and may be worn out. A new cover will help keep your bed clean and fresh. 
3. Odor: If you notice a bad smell from under the mattress after washing it, you have a dirty memory foam mattress. If this occurs regularly, then it means that there are cracks in the foam formed due to wear and tear over time. 
4. Examine the Mattress: If you notice any sagging in the middle of the bed, this may mean that your memory foam mattress is incapable of supporting your back. Make sure to examine the surface of the bed for lumps and ridges.

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