How Big Is A King Mattress

How Big Is A King Mattress

A king-size mattress is a type of bed that accommodates two adults. It has a width and length that’s at least 80-inches long, 76-inches wide, and nearly 18 inches high off the ground. 

This mattress tends to be higher quality than other mattresses and comes with additional benefits like support with several layers of foams under the sheet. These are things to consider when purchasing one.

How Big Is A King Mattress

What Is a King Size Mattress?

King-size mattresses are one of the biggest sizes of a mattress. They tend to have more foam than other types of mattresses. These types of mattresses are often used by people who sleep in higher positions, reflecting in their size with a longer length and width. They typically make up 20-40% of the total bedding market.

King Size Mattress Length

The king mattress’s length is the most notable feature with typically around 80-inches or longer. The length of a mattress will depend on who uses it, but other factors affect the bed size.

King Size Mattress Width

A king-size mattress width can be between 60-80 inches depending on who uses it and its design, usually one person sleeping with their partner or multiple people sleeping in one bed. These mattresses have a lot of space for movement, making them perfect for people who are used to lots of space when they sleep in a bed and generally provide more comfort than standard beds.

Benefits of a King Size Mattress

There are numerous benefits of king-size mattresses. Despite the higher price than other goods, this mattress type is widely spread all over the market.

Higher Quality

The king-size mattress is a higher quality bed compared to other standard mattresses. They are made to accommodate persons of different sizes, which makes them very comfortable and durable. They also have more layers of foam in the memory foam mattresses, which makes them very comfortable, and they have more support.

The materials used for this mattress, such as the high-density memory foam, are designed to provide comfort and support for people who use it. A standard mattress has 1-2 layers of memory foam while 1-3 layers in the king-size mattresses. Also, because they are thicker than regular mattresses, they tend to last longer than other types of mattresses.

More Space

The king-size mattress has more space than a standard bed. Most mattresses are designed with two persons in mind. The king-size mattress is suitable for two or even more people who want to share the same bed, especially if they sleep in different positions.

It will also fit very well in rooms where space is limited or have a big family. This mattress can accommodate up to 3-4 people at the same time, which gives them a lot of room for movement and comfort. Mattress sizes like the California king or the Eastern king are great options if you need extra space but don’t feel like getting two beds instead of using just one.

More Support

The king-size mattress has multiple layers of foam, which gives the backbone of support and comfort. The layers give the mattress an excellent airflow for the person who sleeps on it. The memory foam will absorb sweat and body heat, keeping you cool during the night.

It also serves an important function in providing support for the back when sleeping on a bed. They are perfect for people who need extra support when sleeping on a bed or people who have health conditions that require more than normal support, like heart conditions, arthritis, and others.

Things To Consider When Buying King Mattress

There are different types of mattresses, and king-size beds are not all the same. Before you purchase one, you must take into consideration the factors below. They will help you make an educated choice when purchasing a king-size mattress.

Mattress Types

There are three types of mattress: innerspring, memory foam, and air bed. An innerspring mattress is made of metal coils surrounded by fabric, while a memory foam mattress is made from any kind of visco-elastic material that absorbs the pressure on the bed, causing it to deform. Air beds are usually constructed with air chambers that respond to your body’s weight and position by inflating or deflating as needed.

King Size Mattress Types

Innerspring mattresses provide plenty of support and comfort, and they last for an extended period when properly cared for. Memory foam mattresses are also very comfortable, and they conform to the shape of the user. 

They are softer than innerspring mattresses and can last for a long time. Air beds are made up of air chambers that inflate and deflate as you move on the bed. They come in different sizes, but they are not ideal for people who weigh more than 300 pounds.


When you purchase king-size mattresses, you also need to consider the amount of support it provides and its durability, especially if you have medical conditions that require extra support or health conditions that affect your back and spinal cord.

Different kinds of materials used to make the mattress provide different types of support and comfort; therefore, choose carefully depending on your preferences and needs when sleeping on a bed. You can also adjust the level of support and comfort by using the mattress topper when you’re not sleeping on it.

Pressure Relief

Support and comfort are important in a king-size mattress, but they must also address the pressure points of a person who sleeps on the bed. Innerspring mattresses are known for having more comfort and support when pressure is applied to them, but memory foam mattresses provide more pressure relief than other types of mattresses.

All three types of beds have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to comfort and support. An excellent way to decide what type of bed will be most comfortable for you is by actually sleeping on one before making a purchase.


What Size Is King Size Mattress?

The average king-size mattress might be close to 76 by 80 inches.

Are All King Size Mattresses The Same Size?

All king-size mattresses are the same size in inches, width, and length. Therefore there is no difference between a 75-inch wide mattress and a 76-inch wide mattress. The only difference is in the thicknesses of these mattresses, and that is what determines if you have a firm or plush mattress.

Which King Size Mattress Is Best?

The Saatva is the king of mattresses, king-size beds in general. This company has made a name for themselves with their extra-large mattress offerings. This is due to the quality materials used, but mostly because they offer a number of different sizes and models so that your body will easily find the one that best suits you.

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